A Taste of Their Own Medicine

A limousine driver holds the door open for the ladies. "What's the show about?" he asks, once they are comfortably settled in the car.

"Gold diggers," Baje replies in a bored tone.

"Rich people are sexy. They have that swag," Michelle says.

"Guys who really have it, they don't have to be on Front Street. They don't have to overdo it. They don't have to prove anything to anybody," Baje explains. [AD]

"You guys going out tonight?" the driver asks. "Going out with anybody?"

"By ourselves. I usually don't go to the club with guys, because that kind of defeats the purpose," Baje says. 

"What would be the benefit of you going out with us? Do you know owners of clubs so we can just walk in?" Michelle asks. "Do you want to be my bodyguard?" 



Dr. Phil observes that Baje isn't interested in working-class men. "What if you miss a really nice guy?" he asks.

"I guess I'll never know what I missed, right?" she asks with a flippant smile.

The so-called limousine driver that the women snubbed made NFL history when he signed the biggest contract for a defensive player at $76 million. Dr. Phil welcomes Dwight Freeney, Super Bowl champion with the Indianapolis Colts, to the stage.

"So you didn't get much of a second look, right?" Dr. Phil asks Dwight.

"Not much, but I understood the circumstances," he replies.

Dr. Phil turns to Michelle. "You said he could be your bodyguard," he says.

[AD]She smiles sheepishly. "Only because he's a guy going out with two girls. This is my first time in L.A. I wanted to go out, just her and me, just have fun, not have any guys tag along," Michelle explains.

"Actually, I told him that I had contacts at a club, and I would get him in," Baje says.

Mentioning Dwight's multi-million dollar contract, Dr. Phil asks the ball player, "You really worry about this gold digging, right?"

"Yeah, it becomes a concern, and it kind of changes your lifestyle," he replies. "As a guy, you want to go out there and find someone who's genuine, somebody who likes you for you."

"You worry if they're interested in you or your money," Dr. Phil sympathizes with the NFL star.

"That's what happens," Dwight replies. "All of your stuff is public knowledge. They can just go on Google, type your name in and bam. It pops up right there."

"Are they interested in me or just sex? Same thing," Baje chimes in. 

"Do you agree with that?" Dr. Phil asks Dwight. [AD]

"Not really. I'm sure there are guys who are just worried about that, but there are a lot of guys who are not, who go out there and just want to meet a person and have a relationship develop," he replies.

Dr. Phil asks Baje if she sends the wrong signal. "You say that's all men are interested in, but yet you dress in a way that just says sex, sex, sex."

"Sometimes, I get the same approach when I'm in flip flops and sweats," Baje answers.

"Everybody makes a statement. When you go out, the way you dress makes a statement," Dr. Phil says. He gestures to a picture on the monitor behind him of Baje wearing a provocative outfit. "When you're dressed this way, that says something, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I'm sure it does," she answers.

"What's statement does that make?"

"That I'm sexy, that I'm confident in myself."

[AD]"So you're going out and saying, ‘My statement is, "I'm sexy," and I'm going to criticize you for responding to that stimulus,'" Dr. Phil says. "You seem to have a chip on your shoulder about the fact that men and women have sexual tension between them."

"No, I wouldn't say that. I'm just tired of women getting taken advantage of," Baje responds.

"How do you get men to give you these things?" Dr. Phil probes. "If all men want is sex, and you don't give it, then why are they doing it?"

"I don't tell them up front that they're not going to get it, so of course, they're trying to impress you," Baje says.