All about the Bling?

"I like the men who travel. I like the men who have a little money on top of it," says 21-year-old Emilie via Web cam.

"She's a gold digger. Remember that, Dr. Phil. Watch out," her best friend Andrea says.


"We went to a club the other night. Andrea was there with her husband, but his brother was there, who is also incredibly good looking. So I was just curious what he did in his free time."

[AD]"I get a text from Emilie asking about his income. Right away, I was like, ‘Things aren't going to work out, Emilie, because you're asking about his money,'" Andrea adds. 

Emilie gives an example of a man whom she strings along. "Nick used to leave me the craziest gifts on my car. I finally one day told him not to give me another gift, or another rose, until it was made out of pure platinum. A couple of week's later, I came out to my car to find a rose made out of platinum lying on the hood," she says, holding her blinged-out blossom aloft. "I told Nick that I didn't want anything for Christmas unless he could give me the world. He couldn't give me the world, but he did shock me by giving me documents from NASA registering me for a couple acres on the moon. At least the boy's creative."

Dr. Phil addresses Emilie. "You don't think you're a gold digger?" he asks.

"I have never specifically gone out with somebody for their money," she replies.

"How long have you been stringing this guy on?" Dr. Phil asks, referring to Nick.

"Since we were, like, 15," she says with a giggle. "I've told him a million times, ‘Nick, I'm not interested in you for anything more than a friendship.' Then he gets attached, and buys me all these gifts and thinks something else is going to happen." [AD]

"And you accept them?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I kept the rose and the moon " come on, that's kind of classic. Everything else I've turned down and told him, ‘I'm sorry. I'm not interested,'" she replies.

Andrea explains why she thinks her friend is materialistic. "I think when she sees a man with nice cars and nice things, right away, he might be accepted."

"Do you think she's a gold digger?" Dr. Phil asks Baje.

"I think she has little traits, but probably not a full-fledged gold digger," she replies.

"I think she just has high standards," Michelle adds.

Dwight shares his thoughts. "It's too bad that in this day and age, everything is about money," he says. "That's paper thin. Pretty much, there's nothing behind that. It can be here today and gone tomorrow."

"True, but it's not only the money. It's more about the mentality of the man who has the money," Baje chimes in. "It says a lot about him. He's a hard worker. He shows dedication. He went to school for what, four years? He invested time. He made sacrifices. That's what I'm attracted to. That's why I could never be with someone who doesn't have ambition." [AD]

Dr. Phil takes her to task. "But you're not attracted to him, because you say you don't want a relationship. You just want the stuff," he says.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Baje concedes.

"What happens when beauty fades?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I have a lot on the inside, but I'm not going to show that to just anybody. They're going to have to prove themselves to me, when the time comes," Baje replies.

Dr. Phil wants Lauren's opinion. "Is there something wrong with wanting somebody who's successful and affluent?" he asks.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting a person who has goals and who is successful," she replies. "What I find that's missing from this conversation is where are these women successful? Where's their money? What are you bringing to the table besides cute?"

"I'm a full-time student, right now," Emilie replies. "And I'm working full-time, so I'm not interested in being in that serious of a relationship right now."

"What concerns me is that there may be someone out there who is in the same position as you are, who is a student, not making a lot of money, but could love you to death and really respect you the way you want. You would count him out because he didn't have any money yet?" Lauren asks. "He could be a potential Dr. Phil!"

"My only long-term serious boyfriend that I've had " we didn't live together or anything " but I paid for all of our dates," Emilie replies. "He had no money. I loved his writing. That's how we met."

[AD]"You never know who you're missing out on," Lauren says. She turns to Baje and Michelle. "You're beautiful, you're well-spoken, you're smart. Use that energy toward something positive instead of just manipulating men for nothing."

"I encourage women to budget, to save, to start using that money [from gold-digging]. Invest it. Invest it in a career, in your education," Baje says.

"I encourage you to go out and buy those same things that you go out and basically pimp men for," Lauren replies. "I encourage you to go out and buy them for yourself and feel the satisfaction you'll feel to know, ‘I need not ask anyone, entertain anyone or deal with anyone on any level " sexually or otherwise " to get the things in life I want because I can get them for myself."