Giving Back
Dr. Phil illustrates the hardships that Detroit, the backdrop of the story, has experienced in recent years. He says that the church which housed Pastor Covington’s ministry was a beautiful building but in shambles inside. A hole in the roof allowed rain and snow to fill the floor, and Pastor Covington and his wife struggled to meet the needs of the many homeless that came to its doors for help.

Pastor Henry Covington passed away just one year ago. But, during a tour of his church in 2009, Dr. Phil got to know the influential man.
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Dr. Phil shares an impactful anecdote from his visit to Pastor Covington's church. “I was talking to some of the homeless folks in there, and I asked them their biggest worry and fear right now. A few of them said, 'the middle class homeless.' They [explained] there were [once] many families who were one paycheck away from being homeless that are now homeless. They said that they show up earlier, absorb all the resources at the food bank and fill up all the beds at the shelters.”

In addition to the Detroit church, Albom dedicates time and resources to help the earthquake-ravaged country of Haiti.

“You wanted to help, and next thing you know, you are running the place,” Dr. Phil notes.

[AD]“They were so out of money and on such hard times, last year I took it over. Now, I go down every month,” Mitch explains. He says he brings a group of people who call themselves the “Detroit Muscle Crew.” The team is made up of carpenters, plumbers and other handy and charitable people who, on their own time, have built infrastructure from scratch. “It’s the most rewarding thing that I’ve ever been a part of — and it all stems back from this story. These are not people of my faith, or kids of my faith — but it doesn’t matter to me. These are children of God, and they need food, and they need shelter.”