Have a Little Faith: Mitch

Coping with Life's Adversities

Dr. Phil welcomes Mitch to the show and says to him, "Tell everybody the evolution of this book."

Mitch explains that the book is about two very different men: a white, middle class, older, Jewish man who lives in the suburbs, and a younger, black, poor, Christian man who lives in the inner city, but both are struggling with their own problems. "The older man was a rabbi who I'd known my whole life, and he came to me toward the end of his life and asked me if I would do the eulogy when he died at his funeral, but I began to go and visit him to get to know him as a man to know what to say," he explains. "At the same time, I was working with this pastor in Detroit, whose church was falling down. He had a big hole in the roof, and it was snowing outside, and he had homeless people sleeping on the floor. I noticed these two men with these two real problems " one dying, and one who can't keep the church going " but they both seemed very much at peace. They had some kind of calmness." Mitch investigated to learn what kept them calm, and he realized it was faith.

[AD]"I think all of us at one point " or certainly me at points in my life " have really questioned why, why certain things happen," Dr. Phil says. "You said you had trouble understanding how homeless people could have faith."

"When you don't have much, I think you're a lot more open to the idea of faith and perhaps things getting better," says Mitch, who works with homeless people.