Holiday Giveaways: Games and Toys


 Dell DJ Ditty MP3 Player


Robin, examining the device, says, "It's so little!"

"That thing is so tiny but it holds hundreds of songs and has 14 hours of battery life. Your kids are going to love this," says Dr. Phil. 



  • 512 MB capacity lets you carry up to 220 songs
  • 14 hours of battery life
  • Supports WMA audio format, and high-fidelity MP3
  • Integrated FM tuner

    Price: $99.99

    Web site:


PlayStation Portable (PSP)


Dr. Phil says, "Now my son, Jordan, tells me this next gift is all the rage. It's the Sony PlayStation Portable! It's a handheld entertainment system where you can play games, listen to music, watch video, and connect to the Internet. It's flying off the shelves, but we were able to get our hands on one for each and every one of you!"



  • Enjoy movies, music, games, video, photos, communication, and wireless networking, all in one package that is easy to carry around.
  • Can play content either on UMD or saved onto the memory stick.


    Price: $249.99
    Web site:

 Leapfrog FLY Pentop Computer


Dr. Phil says, "Let me show you how this works. This just shouldn't be possible." With a notebook in one hand and the Leapfrog in the other, he taps a drawing of a piano keyboard, and the device plays the corresponding note. "Now, how does it know which way you're going? That's haunted in some way," he says, playfully.



  • Built-in computer processor — and it's got a voice 
  • If you've got a math problem, FLY Pentop Computer can solve it 

Leapfrog L-MAX  


Robin says, "Leapfrog is also giving their other must-have electronic toy, the L-MAX Learning System. It's the ultimate in educational gaming" 

"That's a game they can play with and do, like, a good thing, right?" says Dr. Phil.



  • It's the only learning game system that offers in-depth tutorials in reading, math, and spelling. 
  •  As a handheld, it supports portable learning for children on the go. 
  •  Connected to the TV, it extends play to a large screen, allowing parents to share in their child's learning accomplishments. 
  •  You can find both LeapFrog products at major retailers nationwide.


    Price: $99.99

    Web Site:

 Three Pairs of Skechers Shoes


"Skechers knows that kids go through shoes like crazy. So they are giving each one of you not one, not two, but three pairs of Skechers shoes! You'll get to choose from the hottest new styles. So, thanks, Skechers!" says Dr. Phil.


Carrie Underwood, who sang at Dr. Phil's holiday party for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, is the spokesperson for Sketchers.

"We chose some of things because we know what y'all have said what you're special needs are and I hope we're choosing well," says Dr. Phil. The audience responds with a loud cheer.

"Listen to them!" says Robin.


Price: $150 to $200

Web site:



JCPenney Gift Card


Dr. Phil says "JCPenney is a great, great organization and I have the utmost respect for them, and they have provided really cool Razor dirtbikes, Injusa motorcyles and helmets to all the kids at our party this year. has one of the biggest toy selections there is, and they are giving each of you $100 gift cards to use toward your own motorcycle or whatever else you need for your home."


Price: $100

Web site: