Regretting Parenthood?

"Living with my three daughters is constant arguing and fighting," Tiffiny says.

"Living with my oldest daughter is like living with Hannabal Lector," Tiffiny's husband, Ron, says about their 14-year-old, Rachel.

Rachel admits, "I will go from a cute bunny rabbit to, like, a vicious lion."

About their 10-year-old, Paige, Ron says, "My middle child has a bad habit of lying."

"Paige at her worst is deceitful, defiant, whiny," Tiffiny says.

Paige admits, "I fight with my parents 10 to 30 minutes every day."

"Rachel and Paige only listen to me when I am screaming at them. Usually they are screaming back," Tiffiny says.

"I get punished by getting soap put in my mouth, smacking me in the face, she'll spank me with a spoon. My dad spanks me really, really hard when my mom tells him to," Paige says.

"We've tried everything, and taking things away, their favorite things, punishing them to their room. None of it worked," Ron says.

[AD]"Rachel's fights with her father are definitely more explosive than her fights with me," Tiffiny says.

"She's made some comments, like, ‘Go to hell' and ‘I wish you were dead,'" Ron remembers.

"Ron has said he's not going to waste his time anymore. She can live under his roof, but she's not his daughter anymore," Tiffiny says.

"My wife and I don't see eye to eye 100 percent on parenting," Ron says.

"Ron is more dictatorial, and I'm more laid back. I get to the point where I feel like, why even put the effort in? I only have 10 years until Emily graduates high school, and then I can live my life," Tiffiny says.

"You two aren't on the same page with parenting, right?" Dr. Phil asks Ron and Tiffiny.

"No, not at all. Every inconsistency and difference you could have, I think," Tiffiny says.

"Who's the bad cop?"

"That switches," Ron says. "We're fortunate we get to take turns with that."

"So, one of you is bad cop one day, the other the next day. And we wonder why schizophrenia is on the upswing," Dr. Phil jokes. "So, you're inconsistently inconsistent."

Rachel hasn't had a door knob on her bedroom door for over a year. Tiffiny explains, "She doesn't have a door knob because when we get into an argument, she slams the door and locks it."

[AD]"Her solution to the conflict would be to scream, yell, run to her room, lock her door and not want to continue discussing the conflict," Ron says.

"Would you? Would you want to continue?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I understand that there should be a time out. There should be a moment when everybody can kind of regroup and gather whatever it is they need to gather," he says.

"But across time, it doesn't get better, does it?"

"No," Ron says.

His wife agrees.