"Grandma Claus"

"I absolutely love decorating my house for Christmas. My family calls me Grandma Claus," says Judy. "The inside of my house is covered with snowmen, Santas, angels, tons of Nativity sets."

"When I walk into my mom's house at Christmastime, it's like Christmas exploded," says Judy's daughter, Jennifer.

Judy gives a tour of her Christmas wonderland. "You'll notice that throughout the room, you'll find little elves everywhere. I think they're cute. I just think they're very elfy," Judy says.

"They are so scary," says Jennifer, laughing.


"I like it, except for the creepy elves," says one of her little girls.


"Even my daughters have begun to joke that they can't stand to stay at Grandma's for very long or else they'll end up decorated," Jennifer says.

"We have 10 full-size Christmas trees," Judy explains, five of which fill her living room. In her bedroom, Judy points to the bed. "Here we have the infamous lighted bedspread."

[AD]"And of course, special for the Dr. Phil show: new brighter LED lights," Jennifer points out. "When the time comes when we have to figure out what to do with their Christmas estate, we have discussions. Many of them involve gasoline cans and a match."

"I would never want to tone anything down or cut back, and I don't know why I should have to," Judy says.

"Hi, Dr. Phil. Merry Christmas!" says Judy's talking snowman.

Judy's Christmas spirit takes up so much space, she can't even eat at her dining room table, which is covered with a Christmas village. "And it just keeps growing, like most cities do," she says.

"Most people would have a dining room table that you could eat at," Jennifer says.

"Over in the corner, we have our upside-down tree because if you're running out of room, it's great to hang it from the ceiling," Judy says.

"So, if you would want to do a headstand, then there's a tree for you there too!" Jennifer jokes.

"My chandelier, I had a goldfish in there one year," Judy points out.

No room is safe in Grandma Claus's house! Even her bathroom is decorated with a full-size Christmas tree, talking ornaments and a light-up fiber optic toilet seat!

"In past years, there has been a talking and signing moose here, but I believe he asked to be moved to a different room," Jennifer says. "And in case you have a shy bladder, when you first walk in, there is always some little toy that starts talking to you and scares you to death."

"That's an added bonus," Judy says.

[AD]Judy is so proud of her arsenal of singing Santas, dancing snowmen and flying reindeer that she makes it available for all to see. "Every year we have an open house, and it's a chance for us to share the Christmas spirit," Judy says.

"There are hundreds of people who come, and it's become a big event," Jennifer acknowledges. "Everybody wants to come see what she's done this time. The house is so insane that it's to the point that strangers who don't even know my parents want to come walk through just to see what they've heard about it."

See Judy's Christmas wonderland here!

Dr. Phil notices Judy's blinking ornament earrings. "You're just a battery pack!" he says.

"That's right!" she says, laughing. Judy says she knows her daughter thinks she gets carried away, but she doesn't care. "That's what I'm proud of. I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I love this time of year. I love the idea that you can wear flashy earrings and people smile at you."

"Those aren't flashy, they're flashing!" Dr. Phil clarifies. He asks Jennifer, "So what's your objection to this?"

"It's just one of those things where I go to other people's houses, and I realize that wow, not every square inch is decorated, and you don't have to hire a moving company to take home Christmas gifts," Jennifer says.

"Do you think you overdo it?" Dr. Phil asks Judy.

"I'm sure I overdo it, and I don't have a bit of problem with that," she says.

Dr. Phil turns to Judy's husband, Lee, in the audience. "We asked you if there were too many decorations, and you said, ‘We're just scratching the surface,'" he says.

"Yeah, pretty much," Lee says. "We've got spares we didn't use this year. You kind of rotate them so you don't see the same thing all the time."

"You're going to have to start decorating your decorations because there's nowhere else to put anything, right?" Dr. Phil jokes.

"Well, the kids gave me permission to do their rooms next year," Judy says about her grandchildren's rooms at her house.

Jennifer jokes that she and her husband lock their doors December 1 to prevent Judy from decorating their rooms as well.

Judy points out that she begins the decoration process in the middle of October.

[AD]"And this will stay up until when?" Dr. Phil asks.

Judy laughs. "Well, last year I got it down so that we could have Easter," she says.

Dr. Phil says Robin is passionate about this holiday as well. "We lived in a neighborhood in Texas that had a house lighting competition every year. She won it every year. We put in extra breakers, ran extra cable, I mean, they were firing up the nuclear power plant every time she threw the stuff on," he says.

"We get thank yous from Power and Water," Judy jokes.

"I bet!" Dr. Phil says.