Self-Proclaimed Scrooge

"I hate Christmas," Judy says.

"Judy can be a complete Scrooge," says Judy's sister, Shirley.

Judy agrees. "I think Scrooge is the ideal guy. I hate to shop during the Christmas season. People would step over the warm dead body of their mother to get to a $5 discount. Merry Christmas," she says sarcastically.

Judy's boss, Kenya, says, "Judy is the ultimate Grinch."

"Oh, my God, do I hate Christmas cards," Judy says on the way to her mailbox, "and they're filled with glitter, and ribbon and all kinds of decorations. You have to call a Hazmat unit to get rid of them." She throws the cards in the garbage can.

[AD]"Christmas decorations, they're almost torture," she says grumpily. "This is hurting my eyes," she tells Kenya as they stand in front of a Christmas display. "The time they took to put this display up, they could've knit 100 sweaters for charity. Christmas day doesn't mean anything to me. It's just a regular day for me. I have a message for Dr. Phil: Don't try to change how I feel, Dr. Charm! Bah humbug!"

"Why don't you like Christmas?" Dr. Phil asks Judy.

"I don't see anyone having fun at Christmastime," she says.

"Really? I have a ball at Christmas. You should come over to my house," Dr. Phil says.

"My family is wonderful, my friends, my neighbors, but I don't hear that side," she says. "I hear people complaining, and it's not me. I don't impose my view on other people unless they ask, unless they try to force me to go to a Christmas party. But I'm watching, if you go to the stores, how people treat persons in retail, it's a disaster. That's not fun. I don't see anyone having fun at Christmas."

Although Judy calls herself a Scrooge, she admits to buying presents for her loved ones.

"That's a sell out," Dr. Phil tells her. "If you don't like Christmas, why are you buying Christmas presents?"

"Because I don't impose how I feel on someone else, and my family loves presents. My sister, Shirley, is the queen of Christmas presents, and I don't deny her Christmas," she says.

[AD]"Do you like getting Christmas presents?"

"Not at all," she says. "I told my sisters and brothers, ‘Do not buy me a gift. I will give you $50 if you do not buy me a present.'"

"Well, give me $50. I won't buy you anything," Dr. Phil jokes. "I feel strongly both ways. I actually kind of agree with you. Christmas has gotten out of control, right? It's become too commercial. It puts pressure on people to think up a gift, invent something to buy somebody and spend money they don't have."

"It's punishing," Judy says.

Dr. Phil turns to his previous guest, also named Judy, who loves Christmas. "So, Grandma Claus, what do you think of this? This is just your antithesis, right?"

"I think you're missing out on so much of the joy, so much of the family love," Grandma Claus tells Scrooge Judy.

"I'm not missing out on any love, or joy or hope. My family is incredible," Judy says. "I feel unconditional love and joy every day of my life, and Christmas puts a pressure on people that you have to feel it that one day, and if you don't, it wasn't Christmas. If someone didn't come over, it wasn't Christmas. If it didn't snow, it just didn't feel like Christmas. I have that spirit of Christmas every single day."

"It's really about sensitivity. You have to be true to yourself and what you really believe," Dr. Phil says. "But you do want to be sensitive to other people's feelings."

He addresses Judy's sister, Shirley. "You miss your sister during some of these get-togethers, right?" he asks. "And you don't want her to come for the decorations or necessarily the presents; you just want to be with her."

"Yes, and I would love for my son to get to see his aunt," she says.

"So she just kind of misses the camaraderie. It's an excuse to get together," Dr. Phil tells Judy.

[AD]"No, no, no, Dr. Phil. Christmas is not an invitation to a celebration; it's a hostage situation. Look what we do to our family at Christmas: The most dangerous time to travel of the year " the most expensive " but the most dangerous. ‘You'd better come through that ice storm, or my heart's going to be broken.' Oh, no, it's a hostage situation," she says.

"So, this is a command performance, and you just don't want to cave."

"Oh, no, I'll never cave. Christmas will never be resurrected in my eyes. I'm not celebrating Christmas," she says.

"Well, I feel like I've made some real progress here," Dr. Phil says sarcastically.