Hurricane Katrina: Robert's Search

Robert, a registered nurse and EMS worker, was desperate to find his wife and daughters. He appeared with Dr. Phil on CNN's "Larry King Live" in hopes of locating his loved ones. His search took a dramatic turn after being on television.

While at the Superdome, Robert receives a call on his cell phone. After hanging up, he says, "The message I got was that they had never gotten out of the house. That they were inside retreating to the second floor trying to get away from the water," he explains. "I'm using the Red Cross' tracer, and the oldest girl Charlotte's boyfriend had posted her as missing. I contacted him and he assured me that they were on the roof Tuesday night."

During the interview, Robert gets an e-mail saying there may be some good news about his daughters. "They said they airlifted them off the roof in New Orleans East three hours ago. They've been there since Tuesday evening on the rooftop. I'm feeling better knowing they're off the roof. Now I'll be up all night checking every shelter in Texas until I find them. If they're here, I'll find them," he says.

Eighteen hours later, Robert receives the call he had been waiting for. "I knew that call was coming, even though there were moments of despair," he smiles. "That's probably got to be one of the best feelings I've ever had in my life. I've spent most of my life -- in some capacity or other -- honestly trying to help somebody. So for me, this is my one time," he says in tears.