Identity Theft: Robyn

Robbing Robyn?

When Dr. Phil introduces Ricky's fiancée, Robin says, "Now we know where the other Robyn is coming from."

Dr. Phil wants clarification. "Your theory is that it's she who's using his name instead of you?" he asks.

"That's right. I'd love to do a signature check," Robin says.

"Are you in denial about all of this?" Dr. Phil asks him. "I have this theory that you can't change what you don't acknowledge."

"I agree 100 percent," Robin says. "I do acknowledge that I did do this to my brother, Ray. But as far as doing something to Ricky, I have never done anything in Ricky's name in my entire life."


Dr. Phil tries a different tack. "For argument's sake " I'm not saying I agree with you " let's assume that's correct. What do you think your brother, Ray, should do about this?" he asks. "You've confessed that you have broken the law, and defrauded the police, and misappropriated his name and credit, and cost him thousands and thousands of dollars and expenses in legal fees. What do you think should happen?"

"I've been in trouble in my life. As far as my credit goes, I have a zero credit rating. In order for me to get a place to stay, I used his name. Yes, I probably did get the gas and the electricity in his name also," Robin admits, "but we also changed it over as soon as we found out that "" 

Ray interrupts, "As soon as you found out I knew about it."

Dr. Phil questions Robin's logic. "That's like saying, you robbed a bank, and when they caught you, you said, ‘OK, here's the money back,'" he says. "That doesn't mean that it was OK."

"No, it's not OK, Dr. Phil," Robin concedes. 

"What do you think he should do?"

Robin replies, "I'd hope he'd accept my forgiveness."

Ray isn't impressed with his brother's apology. "How recently have you become sorry about that? It's been just this last August now that you used my name again when you were arrested for [being] drunk in public and for having an open container in your vehicle. Again, you didn't show up in court, and I have a current pending criminal record with my name on it because of you. When did you start feeling sorry about all of that?"

"I've been feeling sorry about it, Ray," Robin says, hanging his head.


"So you did it again in August?" Ray presses. "How am I supposed to feel about you feeling sorry now, if you were feeling sorry in August and went and did it again?"

Dr. Phil addresses Robin. "Are you trying to hurt your brother?"
"No, I'm not," he replies. 

"You understand, when you use his identity and then fail to appear, they're going to go looking for him," Dr. Phil says. "Do you care about that?"

Softly, Robin answers, "Yes sir, I do."

Dr. Phil asks the brothers what actions they are going to take against Robin. "I've already contacted the authorities in Texas that I have to go through. There is a new division, and it's been formed in Houston, Texas for identity theft," Ricky explains. "They're going to investigate it, and they will get back with me."

Ray explains his plan. "In order to get the arrest warrant lifted from me in this last incident, the judge recommended very strongly " because I did go to the courthouse and speak with a district attorney " the judge recommended that I go file a police report for identity theft where [Robin] had been arrested, in the precinct where he had been arrested. So, I have filed a criminal charge for identity theft in that precinct."

Dr. Phil turns to Robin. "Are you willing to go to the court where you have stolen his identity for these criminal charges and tell them what happened?" 

"Yes, I am," Robin vows.
"You're willing to go down there and say, ‘It was me; it was not him, and I'll sign a statement to that effect, so you can turn him loose?'" Dr. Phil probes.  

"Yes sir, I will," Robin says. 

Although their ordeal is far from over, Dr. Phil offers hope to Ray and Ricky. "There is a law firm that we've worked with in New Orleans. It's Leger, Shaw & DeSue. Let me tell you, they are top notch attorneys in New Orleans. We contacted them, and they've agreed to sit down and meet with you guys to start trying to unravel this ball of yarn," he says. 

Both brothers express their gratitude. 

"They helped us with a lot of the fraud after Katrina down there, and I've been very impressed with them," Dr. Phil says.