In-law Intervention
Dr. Phil tries to keep the peace between feuding in-laws.

After their first appearance on the show, Kerry, Ernie, Wanda and Carol share emotionally charged reactions backstage.

"Dr. Phil told us that we have to put our foot down to our mom, and Ernie doesn't really support me in that," Kerry says tearfully.

Frustrated, Ernie responds, "I'm just so upset right now, I can't even think straight."


Wanda laments the possibility of being cut out of her daughter's life. "My heart is just broken," she cries. "Kerry and I have always been so, so close ... I certainly don't want to lose my daughter and my grandkids over this."

Acknowledging that she shares some of the blame in the family's problems, Carol says, "I don't have a problem with Wanda, other than, you're not going to laugh at me and humiliate me or call me c**t and b**ch and everything else in public."

Ernie says he's close to kicking Wanda and Carol to the curb. "They don't have to be involved in our life. They can just get out!" he says.