Inside a Family Divided: Marty, Erin

How It Began
It's a six-month checkup of the Dr. Phil Family.
"I remember the day I met Marty," says Erin. "He was the maintenance man in my apartment complex. He had really kind eyes. He definitely pursued me big time."

"I wanted to get married, have children and settle down," Marty recalls.

Marty proposed after they had been living together for four months. At first, Erin wasn't ready, but six months later she told him, "I'm ready to go get married."

"There are times when I think that maybe I didn't make the best choice when I first got married," Erin says. Erin's father did not approve of the union. "He said, 'I cannot believe that you married a janitor,'" she remembers.

"She showed me a lot of love and she knew everything about me inside and out," says Marty about Erin.

Marty was thrilled on his wedding day. "I felt in my heart that I would love to spend the rest of my life with this person," he says. Even now he says, "I would never want to be married to anyone else but my wife Erin."

When the kids were born, Marty's fantasy of having a family came true. "When Alex was born, she was a breathtakingly beautiful child," Marty says. "She was the love of my life. When Katherine was born, it was picture perfect.

But things were unbalanced in their marriage early on. "I think Marty cared for me more than I cared for him," Erin says. "I wasn't taking care of his emotional needs at all, I was totally focused on the children. I was obsessed with trying to be a good mother."

Attempting to figure out why she married Marty, Erin says, "I guess what I saw about Marty was that I could fix things about him, I could shape him into the person I wanted him to be."

Addressing Marty, Dr. Phil asks him how he feels when he hears Erin say that she wouldn't have married him if she could do it again.

"It hurts my feelings," he says.

Dr. Phil then asks Marty if he believes that Erin's doubts are going be the undoing of their marriage.

"I think it's something to build on," says Marty.

"Do you think you're doing better?" Dr. Phil asks Marty.

"Yes, definitely" he replies.