Inside a Family Divided: Viewer Questions

Viewers Confront the Couple
It's a six-month check-up of the members of a Family Divided.
Viewers analyze Marty and Erin's behavior, asking them their most pressing questions.

Joy did not like the way Marty reacted after learning that he would be going to Germany to see his half-brother.

"I had a real problem," Joy tells Marty. "You were so happy and you hugged Dr. Phil, you hugged the translator (twice) and never once did I see you hug your wife. This is the woman you say that you want to change your relationship with, but you don't turn to her in one of the happiest times in your life. Why is that?"

"It's a good question," says Marty. "I don't really have an answer for that."

"Isn't it true that you haven't felt like and behaved like partners in years?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," says Marty remorsefully.

Dia has a problem with the way Erin treated Marty when he found out that he'd be going to Germany.

"She's still very standoffish and very cold and very distant," Dia says of Erin's current behavior. "When Marty found out that he was going to Germany, she showed no emotion or support at all. Erin, if you are planning on staying in this relationship with Marty, when are you going to become emotionally connected?""

Via phone, Erin explains that she was not feeling particuarly open when Marty found out about his Germany trip because she had just engaged in a hurtful dialogue with her younger sister. She says that it was also difficult for her to be emotional with Marty at that point becuase things had been so strained between them. "Marty and I have been like roommates for the last several years," Erin says.

Defending Marty's decision not to embrace her in that moment, Erin says that he is very physically affectionate with her at home and that she believes time will help her be more affectionate with him.

On A Family Divided: America Talks Back, Barbara, a dedicated Dr. Phil viewer, told Marty via phone that she was unhappy with the way he had handled himself with his family. Today she faces him in person.

"Barbara, has what you've seen and heard had any effect on your thinking?" Dr. Phil asks.

Barbara replies that she is happy to have seen expression and depth and anger in Marty. She also responds to Marty's remark that she has no right to judge because she hasn't walked in his shoes. "I'm not here to dog on you Marty," she says. "But I want you to know that Dr. Phil is offering you the tools to make a new pair of shoes."