Is There a Predator in the House: Home Video
Camera's placed in the home of Scott and Dianna reveal … not much!

In one scene, Scott stands with his hands on the lens of the camera.

Scott: I'm going to move this so it can kind of maybe " there we go " catch us cooking a little. You know, see him helping, being a big boy.

Later footage captures Scott moving the camera back to its previous position.

Another clip shows the family of three sitting down for dinner.

Dominic: Why'd you switch me over here?
Dianna: So the camera can see you.
Scott: So everbody can see you eat, see how much of a big boy you are.

In another clip, Dianna faces the camera and gives Dominic a bear hug. She directs Dominic to look into the camera and they wave.

Dianna: Say hiiiiiii!
Doninic: Hi.
Dianna: Wave to the camera. Say hi, Julie. Hi, Dr. Phil!
Dominic: Hi, Julie! Hi, Dr. Phil!

In another clip at the dinner table, Scott showers Dominic with praise.

Scott: You're doing so good, buddy! I'm so happy to see you eat good. See how happy that makes us? Look at you. You're eating like a big boy there.
Dominic: Are we on there?
Scott: Yeah.
Dominic: On the tape one?
Scott: Uh, huh.

"That's enough," Dr. Phil says, punctuating the footage he's just seen. "I feel like I've just been to Disneyland with the Nelsons. The idea is to put those cameras in and you just forget about them and go about your own way so I can have some visual data to try and help you. I don't find that helpful at all. I feel like I was on vacation with you, and we're taking movies in the park that we're going to watch at Christmas," he chides the family.

"Look, here's the bottom line. I do not believe that Scott has molested Dominic in any way. I don't think he shows any proclivity to do so. I don't think he's ever shown any proclivity to do so. I don't think he has any pedophile tendencies whatsoever. I don't believe that he is a risk to this child in that regard." Turning to Dianna, he adds, "Let me say to you, Mom, [Scott has] got no business being a primary disciplinarian with your child."

"I'm not," says Scott.

"He doesn't do the discipline at all," Dianna adds.

Dr. Phil continues, "Whether he's a nice guy, whether he has good parenting values and skills or not, it just doesn't work that way. Let me tell you why. Your bond is with this child, not Scott. You bonded with this child from the womb forward. Scott may stay; he may go. You don't rotate men in and out of your son's life, and they don't spank, they don't set rules, they don't do any of it. Now just listen to me. Whatever you're doing or not doing, I want you to hear that that discipline is your job, and [Scott] should support [you] in that."
Dr. Phil tells Dianna, "You make the decisions, you set the values, you decide what you're going to do, and you need to be active in doing it. And if your son starts to show anxiety responses to anything, then you need to stop, study that, see what's going on, try to defuse that because kids are going to do this, there's no question about it, and they're going to freak out and have fits, they are going to have nightmares, they are going to scream, they are going to yell, they're going to pee their pants, they're going to withhold it until you're ready to go somewhere, then they are going to pee their pants. I mean, there are all kinds of manipulations that kids are going to do, and you don't need to overreact to that."

He reiterates that the job of disciplining Dominic is Dianna's, not Scott's. "What are you going to do if this month-long courtship that preceded him moving in with you heads the other way? Now you're explaining to your son, ‘Well, he's gone.' And then another one's going to come in, and he's going to have his views, and he's going to get involved. Don't do that to your child."

"OK," says Dianna. "I agree."

"If y'all are going to get married, and you go through pre-marital counseling, and you work through a number of things, and you get prepared to do that, that's your decision, not mine, nor your mother's, nor your aunt's. That's your decision, but make no mistake, your undivided loyalty is to this child. Your undivided loyalty is to make certain that you do what is necessary for the protection, nurturance and furtherance of this child as he prepares himself to go in this world. You can't delegate it, you can't abdicate it."

Dr. Phil tells Scott that his role is to support Donna in her responsibilities to her child but not to be involved as a disciplinarian. "That's not the role of a stepfather, let alone a boyfriend," he says.

He tells Dianna's mother, "You need to understand that this is your daughter's child, not yours. You may be sensitized to things that make you driven, well-intended, Donna. I don't see you as an evil woman trying to come in here, but you haven't made the best decisions. You told me since you've been sitting here that your husband was abusive with you, but yet you thought it was fine for him to raise your children while you went off somewhere. That's not the best judgment, so therefore you may be trying to undo that now. We know that you were molested and that has probably sensitized you to that " which is not a bad thing, by the way. But once you do that monitoring, once you take those positions, then you need to not become just a thorn in their side to try to ease your own pain and your own sensitivities. You've asked my opinion. You heard me say he's got no business disciplining this child. That's her job. I can't say that any more clearly, so you ought to be a happy camper about all of that, because you and I agree on that. And you know I agree on it, and if I find out otherwise, you are I aren't going to get along."

"I totally agree on it too," says Scott. "I even told her that. I said, 'That's not my job.'"

"OK, that's good," says Dr. Phil. "Because, let me tell you, when I call CPS, it's a whole different ball game. I think what needs to happen here is +everything calm down, and let this little boy be a little boy, and let this unfold."