Is This a Cult?: Kelly, Harold

Opinions from His Ex

"Clemente Suriano was my husband. He's the father of my two youngest children," Kelly says. "We were married in 2000 for about five or six years. When I first met Clemente, I was a single mom. I was young, pretty naïve. I thought he was the answer to my dreams. There was a lot of charisma, and then there was this other side that came out more and more as the years progressed in our marriage.

"He definitely will use threats " particularly with my son, to make him do what he wants. Even my little girls have become very estranged from him. When the kids would visit, they would say that he makes them sit for an hour in meditation, and he lectures them. He speaks negatively. He basically held my oldest daughter up as a poor example, even calling her a slut.

"I'm not surprised he has a group of people. He calls them his students. I definitely wouldn't put it past Clemente to use shaming, humiliation, threats. He's very controlling, he's very manipulative, very dominating. Clemente demands respect that he hasn't earned. My daughter told me that they were all having dinner together. Clemente told Elon he did something wrong, and he told him to slap himself in the face, and he did it at the dinner table. That's crazy."

Dr. Phil asks Kelly, "Did he always regard himself as some type of spiritual leader, or is this a late development?"

"Yeah, he was on the path. When we got married, he became a sun dancer, and we were actually walking a spiritual road together, initially," she says.

"But you think it has run way off the path here," Dr. Phil says.

[AD]"Absolutely. I mean, Clemente, from what I know, has pretty much estranged himself from families. He's Mayan, but he studies Lakota tradition, largely because he's completely estranged from his own family," she says. "The Lakota people are an indigenous nation and probably one of the strongest, very well respected, as far as the ceremonies go."

"And would they endorse what he's doing?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No. I mean, a lot of Lakota tradition is based on family and the love of family, and that's always your first responsibility " family," she says. "He's breaking up families."

"Why did you ultimately decide to get a divorce?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Because he tried to dominate me," Kelly says.

"But isn't that highly inconsistent for someone who's on a spiritual walk?"

"Yeah, you would think so," she says.

[AD]Kelly says she has met Ashley and Elon. "They seem like really wonderful, sweet kids. My children used to go down there quite a bit, and that was what the court told me I had to do. We have joint custody. My kids adored your kids," she tells Leisa and Iris. "That was a big part of the reason why I continued to feel it was OK for my children to go, was because they were getting lots of love. They called Elon Kangaroo, and we know Ashley as Parla. They seem very sweet. I always wondered, what are they doing with this guy? Honestly."

Dr. Phil clarifies that only one side of the story is being heard, and we don't know Suriano's side. 

A neighbor of Golden Elk tells private investigator Harold Copus, "We've observed ceremonies, we've heard chanting, we see fires. The fires have been tall fires, which is very frightening," she says. "Surely these people belong to some kind of a cult," she says.

Another neighbor says, "We see bones that they bring over here, or stomach from a cow."

[AD]"From a cow?" Harold asks.

"Yeah, the stomach, the head, and the calves from here down. They probably butchered it in the back and bring the parts over," he says.