Is This Normal? A Dr. Phil Fan

Are Dr. Phil's Fans Normal?
The kids at Wade's school think that he isn't normal because he's president of his own Dr. Phil fan club.
Wade, 16, is the president of a Dr. Phil fan club. The kids in his school think it isn't normal. He watches the show regularly and analyzes it.

"How am I doing?" asks Dr. Phil.

"So far, so good," says Wade.

"Watch it, kid!" laughs Dr. Phil.
"I hear you do an impression?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Yes," says Wade. He proceeds to do his best Dr. Phil impression: "This is gonna be a changin' day in yer life."

The audience rolls with laughter.
"Hey, I am not THAT bad!" says Dr. Phil. "They treat me better than that on Saturday Night Live! Seriously, I appreciate you coming and I appreciate your support."