Is This Normal? Dark Thoughts

Dark Thoughts
A husband asks Dr. Phil if it's normal for his wife to be obsessed with thoughts of death.
"Iam a chronic worry wart," says Megan. She says her constant fear ofdying has made her fearful of planes, height, driving, accidents andhorrible diseases. She visualizes plunging to her death whenever shestands on a subway platform or takes an elevator.

"Is it normal for my wife to have these dark thoughts?" asks her husband Terry.
"I know it's not normal," admits Megan.

"Tell me what it is about you that makes you feel you don't deserve the life and marriage and happiness you have," asks Dr. Phil.

"I'm not a wonderful person," says Megan. "I don't work for charities. Maybe I should. Maybe then I'll feel more worthy. I just go along with my life doing every day things and maybe I should be doing more."
"So you feel guilty about the life you have," says Dr. Phil. "If you get too happy, you fear it will all be struck down and taken away. People play the 'What If?' game. The problem with that game is that people never answer the question. What if you spend all your life thinking disaster will befall you and it never does?"

"I will have wasted a life," says Megan.
Dr. Phil has Terry and Megan face one another. "If Megan has worth and value that she doesn't recognize,' Dr. Phil instructs Terry, "Tell her what it is."

"You make me happy," says Terry. "You have a positive impact on everyone you meet. You don't see this ... I'm so lucky to be the one to share your life. Meg, you're beautiful. I love spending time with you and I know we're going to have a life together."
Dr. Phil turns to Megan and asks, "What would happen if you decided, 'If they're going to get me, they're going to get me. Maybe I've got a month, a week or a year. But I'm tired of wasting it. I'm going to live every minute I've got while I'm here.' What do you have to lose?"

"But ... I ask myself what I did to deserve to be so lucky," says Megan.
"Sometimes it's not our job to question what or why," says Dr. Phil. "Sometimes it's our job to accept what is. I don't want to get biblical on you here, but the Bible says that God has a plan that is beyond the understanding of man. Maybe you're [trying to do] somebody else's job. Maybe you need to begin accepting what you have instead of questioning why you have it."