The Spirit of Giving

Dr. Phil believes the holidays are about more than just buying gifts and putting up decorations. "It's really about the spirit that you assign to it," he says. "It's about taking time to be around the people who are important to you."

This year, Dr. Phil and Robin are the national spokespersons for the U.S. Marines' annual Toys for Tots holiday campaign. For the past 58 years, the Marines have been delivering toys to needy children throughout the country.

Dr. Phil addresses the Marine corpsmen in the audience. "In 1947, 350 million toys were delivered to 166 million children," he says. "It's so important, particularly this year, and we want to draw a lot of attention to the Toys for Tots campaign. For one reason, there are more Marines deployed overseas this year than in recent history. That means there are less of them here to devote time to this really important program."

The Toys for Tots program needs toys and money. "Ninety-eight cents of every dollar you donate goes to a toy," Dr. Phil explains. 

To get involved, you can bring an unwrapped toy to a drop-off station in your area, or click here to make a donation.

"We've just begun collecting toys from our audience, and the response has been great!" Robin reports. 

Dr. Phil and Robin display all the gifts that audience members have donated in the past few days. "If you have a toy, drop off an unwrapped toy. If you have even a little bit of money that you can contribute, please do that because it all adds up," Dr. Phil implores. "Last year, they delivered 7,500,000 toys. There were 12,000,000 children. That means that so many of those children woke up with absolutely nothing to celebrate with. Please open your hearts, open your pocketbooks, and help us do this."

After the show, the Marines are going load the toys in the seven ton truck they brought!


Speaking of the holidays, Dr. Phil will be featured in The Simpsons Halloween special "Treehouse of Horror XVII." He, Robin and Jordan get a behind-the-scenes tour of the animation studio.

They meet with supervising director David Silverman, who shows Dr. Phil the storyboard for the episode he'll be featured in. David jokes, "Your character has a lot of forehead, a moustache and a little bit of hair."

Don't miss Dr. Phil's appearance on The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror XVII," airing Sunday, November 5 on Fox.