Living with the Memories

Dr. Phil mentions that Garrido was sentenced to 50 years in prison for raping Katie, but he was released after 11. "How are you reacting to all of this?" he asks Katie.

"To live with the memories that I have, I've had to pretty much edit them and put them in a little box and put them away," she says, adding that if she ever has to tell them to someone, she relates an edited version. "That's the only way I could handle it."

Dr. Phil is shocked to learn that Katie was not informed when Garrido was freed from prison after 11 years.

[AD]Clint offers, "This is one of the many, many times that the system failed you, Katie. They failed Jaycee. They failed all of us."

Dr. Phil adds that four years prior to raping Katie, Garrido was accused and arrested for raping a 14-year-old girl. He did not go to jail, because the girl chose not to testify. "You now know about Michaela, Ilene and Jaycee. What's your reaction?" he asks Katie.

"My first reaction is had those charges held in the first kidnap and rape charges in 1971, 72, then I may not have been the victim I am," she says. "Had they done their job with him when I had him arrested, then maybe Jaycee could have been saved."



Does Katie think Jaycee will ever return to a normal life? Watch her response.

Dr. Phil introduces Haydee, a neighbor of Garrido's, who was scared by comments he made about her son.

[AD]"I am so angry about how the system failed all of us. It's not right, and nobody seems to be speaking about it until now," she says passionately. "I'm so upset because if he would have served that 50 years, an innocent child wouldn't have been kidnapped, and this would have never happened. I'm very upset."

Reporter Andrea Menniti shows Dr. Phil the actual proximity of Haydee and Garrido's houses. "You can definitely see Haydee's concern because of how close she was to Garrido's property," she says.