Forced to Play Football
Dr. Phil gives a 9-year-old football player advice on whether or not to quit the sport.
A young viewer writes:

Dear Dr. Phil,

I am 9 years old and just started playing football. I was so excited to start until my first practice. I got the breath knocked out of me from the hit. I don't want to play football anymore because it stings when I get hit. My dad will not let me quit even though I don't want to play and my mom says it's OK because she just wants me to be happy. Dr. Phil, what do you think is right?

Thank you.

Your little buddy, Bucky.
"I think you have to quit for the right reasons," Dr. Phil tells Bucky. "Give this a chance to see if maybe that was just the worst day that you're ever going to have on a football field. See if you can have some fun. See if you can say, 'I'm going to do this for a period of time where I'm not quitting because I got hit and it hurt that day.' Maybe you'll find out that you like it. Ask yourself if you've really given it a chance, because I'd rather you quit from a position of strength, rather than quit because one day it kind of scared you. If you really don't like it, Dad, let's find something else for him to do."