Let's Talk about Sex: Questions

Let's Talk about Sex: Questions

"Hey, Dr. Phil and Dr. Masterson, this is Jacob from California. I was just wondering, which sexual positions would you recommend for my wife and I to get pregnant?"

Dr. Phil says, "OK, now that's a good question, because I've got friends right now who are trying to get pregnant, and I hear all of these things " I don't know if they're wives' tales or myths " about better on top or on bottom, or what you do afterward, go put your feet up or whatever. Does it matter?"

"It doesn't," says Dr. Masterson. "There are no studies to prove that one actually gets you pregnant sooner than another one, but there is the theory that if you do do the man-on-top position, that that position does pool the sperm there a little bit longer and the effectiveness actually goes up."

"Hi, Dr. Phil. I'm Joy from New Jersey, and I'm six months pregnant, and I've been married for four years, and I'm in love with my husband, and I was just wondering, by having sex with my husband, is that going to hurt the baby?"

"Oh, I get asked that question all the time," says Dr. Masterson. "As long as she's healthy, she doesn't have any pregnancy problems, like pre-term labor, sex, sex, sex. It's healthy. It's not only healthy, it's good for her self-image, for the relationship because they have to remember themselves as a couple always. So keep going at it."

"So, how long is that true?" asks Dr. Phil. "I mean, she was at six months " "

"All the way through pregnancy," says Dr. Masterson, "and actually, after 36 weeks we encourage it even more because you're doing a woman a favor. It can help her go into labor. So help a lady out."

"Dr. Phil, Dr. Masterson, are there any exercises that I can do to tighten my vagina?"

"Oh, absolutely," says Dr. Masterson. "The sexercises, as they like to be called, or kegels. Basically, if you stop your urine mid-stream, and those muscles that you contract when you do that, and you do them as much as you can, as often as you can, they will help you get better orgasms, tighten up your vagina, whatever you want to call it, and they're really helpful."

"By doing what?" asks a befuddled Dr. Phil.

"By stopping your urine mid-stream, so right in the middle of it you stop, and it's those muscles that you're using to contract."

"OK," says Dr. Phil. "See? I ask one too many questions."