Life in the Fast Lane: Lane

Lane's Choice
Lane meets Dr. Phil and answers his questions. Is she being honest?

"Do you have sex for drugs?"

Dr. Phil does not mince words when he tells Lane that she must be honest. "I will put you right back where I found you in Waco, Texas, and you can rot,” he says.

Lane reiterates that she’s never had sex for drugs. She was in a relationship with the father of her child.

"The father of your baby is a drug dealer,” Dr. Phil says to Lane.

"Yeah. He’s doing 15 years,” she confirms.

"How are you getting pregnant with a drug dealer, Lane?” Dr. Phil asks. "How low can our standards get, Lane? You said, ‘Let’s bring a child into this,’ right?”

"I didn’t think of it like that,” Lane says through tears. "I thought maybe it would be something different. And I love my son more than anything.”

[AD]"So, have a child, and he’ll love you? That goes right under the heading of selfish,” Dr. Phil says.

"I know,” Lane responds.

"You have a child for your entertainment and what is [Cohen] left with? A dope-feign mother, a father in jail, and being raised by the rest of your family. That is the power of your logic,” Dr. Phil says.

Dr. Phil goes over Lane’s rap sheet.

Lane’s family wants her to know what she’s putting her son through.

Malissa tells Lane that it’s difficult to trust her. "You are my sister, and we are two years apart,” she says. "We have been close before. I have watched Mom and Dad believe you, and I knew it was a lie. So, you and I have been totally rifted.”

"I suspect you cannot swing a cat and not hit a criminal,” Dr. Phil tells Lane of her poor choice in friends. "Her friends have robbed you!” Dr. Phil says, turning to Chase.

"They stole all kinds of things from our house, including my computer and the guitar that I had gotten for Christmas the year before,” Chase confirms. "I don’t want to have to be worried about someone robbing our house because of your drug use.”

"If you want to go off and kill yourself with drugs,” Dr. Phil tells Lane, "then you can have at it. Or, if you want to go get yourself cleaned up and straight for once, then you need to convince me that you want it.” He tells her he doesn’t know when she will return from rehab or when she will see her child. "You earn the right to have those connections and relationships.”

Lane weeps.

[AD]Velvet Mangen founded the Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women in Costa Mesa, California. Velvet says she believes that Lane is finally ready to treat her addiction and complete rehab. She offers Lane treatment at Safe Harbor.

"I’m grateful that I have a chance at all,” Lane says. She commits to working hard and turning her life around.