Love Resolutions: Janet

Love Resolutions: Janet

Dr. Phil's assignment for Janet was to read Love Smart and focus on the "character of him" — the important qualities she would expect from the a leading man in the movie of her life.


Before the show, Janet's "character of him" was a guy who had a nice car, nice shoes, was tall, had a dark complexion, and didn't wear Birkenstocks. Dr. Phil reveals Janet's new list for the "character of him." A potential match for Janet now needs to be motivated, responsible, a good

provider, good dad and husband material, and financially stable. "What do you think before and after?" Dr. Phil asks her.
"There's a huge difference," Janet says. "I was obsessing on the wrong things before, and through reading the book I really opened my mind, and really dug deep and said, 'Those superficial things aren't really what I want.'"
Dr. Phil puts Janet to the test by sending her on another date. He gives play-by-play commentary as she goes through the moves. As
Janet enters the bar, she scans for potential dates. "What she doesn't know is that we found a guy who fits her new 'character of him' list, but there's one twist," Dr. Phil explains. "He's wearing Birkenstocks, one of her main turnoffs."
Janet shares her thoughts thus far. "I've eliminated a few gentlemen, just because they seem a little bit young," she says. "There is one gentleman at the end of the bar that seems interesting." She introduces herself to him and they have a drink and talk. At the end of their encounter, Janet shares her thoughts. "He's definitely somebody I'm interested in. He was handsome. He was engaging, but he was wearing Birkenstocks, which I'm not a huge fan of. If that's his only negative, then that's not a deal-breaker by any stretch."

"I have a chapter in the book called "Infrared Dating," and it's about asking questions early on to kind of thin the herd, find out if this is a keeper or not,"

Dr. Phil says. "You did a little infrared dating there and you didn't freak out over the Birkenstock."
Janet agrees. "The old me would have," she admits.
Dr. Phil reveals some information to Janet. "This was someone who was in a large group of people that you screened and said, 'There are things here that I would like.' We actually got in touch with him, put him in that bar and put him in Birkenstocks for the first time in his life," he tells her. "We dressed him up to see if we could scare you off with your old list, or to see if you had really had made a change, and you made the change." He introduces the "real" Dave who is sitting in the audience. "You two actually got along pretty well, didn't you?" Dr. Phil asks.
Yeah, it was a lot of fun," David says.
"You said that you would go out with him again," Dr. Phil says to Janet.
"Absolutely," she replies.
Dave agrees that he would like to see Janet again.
"You would have walked right past him before," Dr. Phil says.


"I would have before," Janet agrees.

Dr. Phil tells Janet and Dave that he is sending them on a date to the most romantic restaurant in San Diego, the Prince of Wales at Hotel Del Coronado.