Love Smart Island: Chi Chi club

Love Smart Island: Chi Chi club

The first night on the island, the men and women go to the Chi Chi club for some drinking and dancing.


"I'm looking forward to spending a little bit more time with certain individuals," Chad says, as the night begins.

In her conversations with the three men, January reveals, "I have a beautiful 3-year-old son who's my whole world, so if anybody's going to date me, they should know that in advance."

Mary breaks the ice with the men saying, "My witching powers are on the fritz."

Tyana makes Chad laugh when she says,"My initials are T and A and I was born in 69."

Kevin shares his thoughts. "Now that I've had a chance to meet the girls, I think I really like hanging out with Kim and Tyana," he says.

"The person that's really making a good first impression on me is Hayley," says Chad. "She reminds me of the girl next door. She is typically what I am looking for."

"Through the whole experience so far, I really, out of all the girls, have not gotten a feeling that somebody would really want to be with me," Todd says.

"In certain situations like this, I back down. I'm the funny one that gets everybody going," Dee Dee explains. "I back down and let all the other girls have them, because I put them

superior to me."

Mary leaves the bar early. "I do not enjoy clubbing. I never have enjoyed it," she explains. "I know that I don't get out enough, but if it's something I'm not feeling any enjoyment from, I typically will cut it off. I really don't think that I'm going to meet a guy that I would be interested in, doing something that does not please me."

Later in the night, Amy says, "I'm not very interested in the bachelors around me, but I'm having a good time, otherwise."


Chad shares his thoughts about the night. "I do notice Todd has been talking to Hayley, and I definitely need to step in there to make sure she doesn't get away," he says.  

Hayley enjoyed talking with Todd. "It was very intense," she reveals. "I'm overwhelmed that I wrote in about him and I feel like he is everything that I thought he would be and more. We looked in each other's eyes and there was a connection, and I want that to keep going all
night. I don't want the night to end."

Hayley asks Todd to go for a walk, but he's not interested. "I don't like this pressure, Hayley. I don't want to be with one single person tonight," he tells her. "I want you to know that I'm interested in you. I'm afraid that if I walk off with you, that I've made a choice, and that's something that I'm not prepared for right now."

"Do you think you're too picky?" Dr. Phil asks Mary.

"No," she smiles.

Dr. Phil reads from the three-and-a-half page letter Mary wrote. "You said, 'I don't want somebody like my dad. I have to instinctively like him. He has to read and be intuitive. I've not met a black man worthy of my time,'" he says.

"I did not say that. You're going to get me in trouble," Mary says. As Dr. Phil asks for her letter to be brought onstage, she says, "Oh, wait a minute, OK." She explains herself, "When I said it, I was thinking about what I usually come up with," she says, looking a Kevin. "That i
s usually the guy who has the pants that are falling off, the buckles in the back and it's, 'Yo, baby.'"

Dr. Phil addresses Amy. "You say you get intimidated," he says. "If somebody's intimidating you, then you'll go to the first person who's paying attention to you."

"Yeah, I guess I do," she agrees.

Dr. Phil reminds her that this happened at the Chi Chi club. "You said, 'I did not kiss anybody, but I would've loved to,'" he says. He plays a
video of Amy at the Chi Chi club making out with a guy. "What was that?"

"That was a kiss," an embarrassed Amy says.

"You give up on yourself, but if they pay attention to you, then you just drift that way whether you think they meet some kind of standards you might want or not," Dr. Phil says.

Amy agrees. "Yeah, I do," she says.

"You just have a good time," Dr. Phil says to Dee Dee. He notes that one of the themes in Love Smart, is that a person must fall in love with him/herself, before anyone else is going to fall in love with him/her. "If you wouldn't date you, why would anybody else?" Dr. Phil asks. "You oversell, don't you?"

"Yeah," Dee Dee agrees.

Dr. Phil plays a tape of Dee Dee hanging out with the boat crew, asking them, "So are we going to go get drunk?"

"You say, 'Just because I flirt with somebody, doesn't mean that I'm going to sleep with them.'"

"True," she agrees.

"I totally agree with that," Dr. Phil tells her. "But I wonder what would happen if instead of going out there and performing, you just let somebody get to know you." He addresses the bachelors sitting in t

he audience. "You guys thought she was really a sweet girl with a great personality."

The men agree. "She's got so much energy and there's so much about her that's really attractive," Todd shares.

"You left," Dr. Phil says to Mary. "The idea was to say, 'OK, I want to see if I can learn some things, to do some stuff differently, which means you've got to be willing to get out of your comfort zone, try some things that aren't natural or normal for you. Because if you continue to do what you've always done, you're going to continue to get what you've always got, which is zip." He reminds her to stay open to new things.