Mail Order Brides: John and Tanya

A Foreign Affair
John, co-founder of A Foreign Affair, met his wife, Tanya, at one of his company's socials. John is adamant that the stigma of international dating is "born out of ignorance."

"I'm not versed in this," Dr. Phil admits. "What is it that we are so ignorant about?" he asks John.

"I've dealt with thousands and thousands of our clients, and this is only another option," he maintains. "There is nothing wrong with American women. When people throw out the term mail order bride it's quite offensive. We met, and it was a strong chemistry. And, it took us a year and a half to get married."

Tanya says that they met first in person, and only after, did they start to correspond via different technology.

Wayne was one of the company's clients when his previous wife left him financially strapped.

"It was extremely unfortunate," John says about Wayne's situation. "But, that happens. I have a lot of respect for him [helping her through the operations]. For everyone talking about the terrible problems, there are hundreds and hundreds of clients who are having wonderful lives and living really well." 

[AD]"There are so many really sincere and wonderful women in Russia and China," Tanya says. "They really want to find somebody to build a family with. [Bill and Wayne] just need to be smarter."


Wayne explains how he came to marry his first foreign wife, and the warning signs he may have missed.