McGraw Family Photos

McGraw Family Photos

Phil in the sixth grade

Phil in junior high school

Jordan was born in 1986

A family photo at Jordan's christening in 1986

Phil relaxes at home with the boys in 1987

Jordan, age 1, in 1987

The McGraw family in 1988

Phil catches water balloons in his pants at Jordan's birthday party

Jordan and Jay in 1988

The two boys in 1989

The young golfers in 1990

Jay, after scoring two touchdowns in the eighth grade at Cisterian Prep School

In 1968, Phil spent his spring break on Galveston Island, Texas

Jordan and Jay in 1992

Dr. Phil and his boys go diving off the North Wall in Grand Cayman in 1999

Phil co-pilots for Jay on a flight from Colorado Springs to Dallas in 1998

At a golf tournament in 1999

Phil and Jay in the Mediterranean off the coast of France in 2001

Jay and Jordan in Grand Cayman for spring break in 2002

Phil has been married to Robin for 28 years

Jay and his wife, Erica, welcomed daughter Avery Elizabeth in 2010

Robin and Avery in Cabo

Phil an Avery in Cabo

Phil and Robin started dating in 1972

Phil and Robin welcomed grandson London Phillip in 2011

Avery meeting her little brother

Jay, Erica and their happy family

Phil with London

Jordan preparing to perform with his band, Stars in Stereo

Phil was very close with his father Joe

Jay was born in 1979

At age 5, Jay caught his first fish at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas

Jay at age 6

Phil coached Jay's basketball team for years

Phil and Robin in 1986