Crime of Opportunity?
Private investigator Bill Stanton joins Dr. Phil onstage and tells him that the anonymous benefactor who hired him is a female philanthropist who has a connection to the Irwin family. “She said, ‘I want you to go out there and find that baby. You do what you do, and get this baby back,’” he shares. “I did not want to take this case for the parents, because, quite frankly, when I got on that plane, I thought they did it … I said, ‘I will take the case if my client is the truth, and I will go where that takes me.’” He adds that when he first met Jeremy and Deborah, he told them, “I’m not here for you. I’m here for Lisa, and if that takes me to you as the guilty party, I’m going to come for you.' And without hesitation, they said, ‘Help us find our baby.’”

Bill explains why he thinks Deborah and Jeremy are not involved in Lisa’s disappearance.
Police searched Deborah and Jeremy's house with cadaver dogs, and Dr. Phil asks them about the results. “It has been reported that they had a hit in the bedroom, on the rug in the master bedroom, where you say you fell asleep,” he says. “What actually took place, and what do you have to say?”

Deborah points out that nothing is missing from her bedroom. “That carpet that everyone has seen on the news being hauled up from the bottom of my driveway came from a barn in the back of the house,” she says. “If a cadaver dog hit, why didn’t they take anything with them? Why is there no evidence?”

Joe says that his team brought in the nation’s number one cadaver dog expert, who told him that there’s no such thing as hit for a dead body. “What a cadaver dog can detect, basically, is dead skin cells or deteriorating or not-living DNA," he explains. "So what the expert told me is that if there’s a diaper in that room when she changed her baby’s diaper, and some fecal matter got onto the rug — even the slightest bit not even detectable by the human eye — that is enough to cause a dog to wag his tail or do what he does.”

Dr. Phil ask the couple about the whereabouts of their cell phones, another topic contested in the media. “It was reported that at 11:57 p.m., a 50-second phone call was made or attempted to be made from Deborah’s cell phone to the phone of a woman named Megan Wright. I understand you can’t make outgoing calls on your cell phone,” he says.

“That’s correct,” Deborah replies, adding, “I do not know Megan Wright. I do not know the people she associates with. There would be, absolutely, not a reason in this world for me to call her, and all of my phone records back up the fact that that number was never called from my phone in a text or calling directly.”

[AD]Dr. Phil points out that according to Verizon, someone tried to access voicemail and the Internet in the early morning hours of October 4, but they were unsuccessful. Deborah notes that the phones were on the counter in the kitchen when she went to bed and were missing in the morning. “So, someone took the baby and the cell phones?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Yeah,” Deborah confirms.

Joe adds that Megan Wright has told law enforcement that she does not know Deborah, and has stated the same on national TV.
Dr. Phil notes that when Jeremy returned home on the fateful night, he says the front door was unlocked. “Why would the theory be that they went through the window when the door was open?” he asks.

Joe responds. “Exactly. And [Jeremy and Deborah] never said, ‘Here’s what happened; they went through the window,’” he says. “There was also another point of entry that no one seems to focus on. The garage door was actually off the tracks.” He says it was unlocked and easy to lift. “Even if the door was locked when Deborah went to bed, obviously, someone could unlock it and leave the house.”

Hear Bill’s theory for what happened to baby Lisa.

Dr. Phil asks Jeremy and Deborah, “Why did you wait a long time — I can give you the exact date — before the other two boys were allowed to speak to the police?”

[AD]“That’s another real misstatement,” Joe says, adding that Deborah and Jeremy have cooperated with every request asked of them, and that the boys were initially interviewed for five-and-a-half hours. “What we simply said was this: ‘We want to make sure that the best interest of the children are our priority here. Make sure this is not done by law enforcement but by a child psychiatrist – someone who understands how to communicate with children without traumatizing them.’” He says that the police presented a qualified individual from the FBI, and the boys were questioned again.