What Did the Girls Witness?

Sabrina joins the show via Polycom and explains what happened when the girls were in her custody shortly after Kimberly's disappearance:

"Nekka used to call me her aunt, so she came up to me, and she said, ‘Aunty, can you draw a picture? I'm trying to find my mommy,'" Sabrina says. "And she brought the crayons and the paper, and I asked her what to draw, and that's when she told me to draw a truck. She couldn't explain the trailer, she couldn't say trailer, so she just actually told me to draw a box on the back of the truck and that's where her mom was. And then she told me to draw mountains in the background, and a hole, and that her mom was in the hole, and there was water in there, and her mom was going to drown and die, and if I can get [her] mom out of the hole."

Sabrina doesn't have the original drawing anymore, but she recreated it from memory. Dr. Phil asks if there are any other details she can share.

[AD]"She just told me that the coo-coo man put her inside of the hole, and she can't figure out how to get her mom out, and if I could go and help her," she says. "And I didn't know where her mom was, and I asked where it was, and she said, ‘I don't know. It's just in a hole.'"

"Do you believe that she saw something?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I do believe she saw something. She was too descriptive on it," she says. "We tried to explain it to [the police], but that's when they took the girls out of our custody, because they thought we were telling them stuff and putting stuff in their heads."

Dr. Phil sits down with Nekka and Marisa, now 16 and 15.

What do they think happened to their mother? And, how do they feel about their father?

Dr. Phil asks John what he thinks about his granddaughters, after watching that portion of their talk.

"They are beautiful. They are gorgeous," he says with tears in his eyes.

"Are you surprised to hear her say she doesn't recall the picture in any way?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No, but I'm very relieved, actually, that she doesn't, because I think it's just that much more of a horrific thing to go through, if she would've really recollected what happened the way Becky explained," John says.

John also remembers an incident with Nekka, when she explained where her mother was. "It was about the second week after Kimmy had disappeared, and we were babysitting the girls for Mike. Nekka was with my wife in our bedroom, and she evidently looked over the back of the bed, and looked at my wife and said, ‘Mommy's pink and in a hole, and coo-coo man killed Mommy,' referring to their dad as this person." John says the authorities again removed the girls. "That was the last unsupervised visitation I had before they vanished," he says.

John wants Mike to tell him where Kimberly's body is. "I feel it's only, like, a human thing to do. Why would you not want to " he was married to her! She's his wife. Why wouldn't you want to bury her?"

Dr. Phil explains that he's making substantial efforts to get an interview with Mike in prison. "I'm going to try to do everything I can to get him to tell us what he knows," he says. "I'm going to sit down with him and get him to tell me where Kimmy is."

[AD]John is visibly relieved and overcome with emotion. "Thank you," he says, crying and wiping his tears.

"The prison has agreed to let me in, but [Mike] has to agree to sit down and talk with me," Dr. Phil tells him. "I'll do the best I can. I promise."

"Thank you," John says.