Moms' Biggest Mistakes: Jeanette

Moms' Biggest Mistakes: Jeanette

"My biggest mistake is I've let myself go," says 40-year-old Jeanette, a stay-at-home mother of three. "When I first met my husband, I think he thought he was going to marry Marilyn Monroe. Now, he wakes up in the morning and it's Ethel Mertz." 
Jeanette and John have been married for 10 years. She says that when they were dating, she always looked her best. "I wore makeup all the time. I wore my contact lenses. I wore sexy clothes," she laughs

John longs for the good old days. "When I first met my wife, she was very blonde and looked great. She was hot!" he recalls. "I would love to see my wife in something sexier like a thong rather than the Granny panties."
But Jeanette says that running a household with three active kids keeps her hopping, and she doesn't take time for herself. "Some mornings, I'm lucky if I have time to take a shower," she says. "My look consists of Disneyland sweatshirts, jeans, turtlenecks — whatever can be thrown on in five minutes. My hair is always a disaster. I don't know what to do with it. My personality is really fun and outgoing. I look in the mirror and I see a dowdy librarian."
John praises his wife for being a great mother. "The kids are always number one on her list. I'm number two and she's a distant number three," he says. 
"I want my blonde bombshell back!" Jeanette says. "My biggest mistakes is that I've lost my inner blonde bombshell."

The Mom Squad, Mary and Heather, work their magic on Jeanette. Pulling clothing from her dreary wardrobe, Mary says, "You want to buy jeans that don't have the pleats and that have a darker wash so they're a little bit more slimming."
Heather scoffs at a patterned turtleneck. "Come on! These big baggy turtlenecks with all this fabric? A V-neck would suit you better to show off your shape," she advises.


They take Jeanette out for her makeover. First up, she meets

 Laura with for a new look. Then, it's off to hair and makeup at Yamaguchi salon.
Owner Bill Yamaguchi says, "Our philosophy here at Yamaguchi's is taking who you are on the inside and reflecting that on the outside through great haircuts, color and makeup."

Jeanette sashays out and shows off her new look and haircut.
Turning to a wide-eyed John in the audience, Dr. Phil says, "Hubby, what do you think?" 
"She looks fantastic!" John replies.
Addressing Jeanette, Dr. Phil says, "Do you like the way you look?" 
"It's amazing," she replies. "All the clothes they gave me from are things I can wear with everything that I have to do," she says. 

"Do you feel different?" Dr. Phil asks Jeanette.
"Oh yeah. I noticed when I put the clothes on yesterday, I was walking differently," Jeanette assures Dr. Phil. "It makes you remember that you're a woman as well as a mom."
Dr. Phil thanks for providing Jeanette's wardrobe. This is a free service created by a stay-at-home mother to give Moms an easier way to shop. The audience receives a $50 gift certificate from as well.