The Critics
Audience members Danyella, Bashir and Grace say they support Khalood.

“He is a dumbass. He needs to get off his butt and get a full-time job, and support his family,” Danyella says. “She’s a mama bear, and when somebody makes their daughter cry, mama bear is going to attack in every way, shape or form.”

“When did I make Fallon cry?” Steve asks.

“All the time,” Khalood says. "Smartass," she says, gesturing toward Steve. "Everybody's going to see through you," she tells him.

Bashir says Steve should be grateful for what Khalood is doing for him. “She’s doing what his mom should have done for him,” he says.

“Thank you!” Khalood shouts.

Bashir says Steve “definitely seems like a lazyass and a leech as well.”

“What I want to know is: what is he doing to contribute? What is he doing to thank her for putting a roof over his head?” Grace asks.

See how Steve responds to the criticism!

“I think that when two people are in love, you should just leave them alone and let them work it out,” Khalood critic Abbey says.

“You can’t live on love, lady!” Khalood interjects.

[AD]“Being a mother myself, if this were my son, I would be pretty aggravated that someone was treating him like that,” Abbey says.

“What if it was your daughter?” Danyella asks.

“But he’s a man; it's not the daughter,” Abbey responds.

"No, he's not. A man provides for his family," Danyella retorts.

"I think you're a bitter, old woman, who is ego-driven and selfish," Jesse tells Khalood.

Tempers flare as Khalood takes on her critics!