Khalood, The Reaction
It has been a few weeks since outrageous mother in-law Khalood appeared on Dr. Phil's stage and belittled her son-in-law, Steve, calling him a freeloader and telling him to find a job.

Dr. Phil reads some of the message board comments that followed her visit:

"'OMG! I cannot believe this witch Khalood — Kah Rude!'" Dr. Phil reads. “'She is definitely a mother-in-law from hell! She needs some good old-fashioned duct tape on her mouth!'” 

Khalood responds, “Nope, it’s not going to happen.” She tells Dr. Phil that Steve falsely accused her of insulting firefighters and paramedics during the last show. “I’m not mental. I would never do that. I need them in my life. I have respect for them,” she says defensively. “I get approached by a lot of people, everywhere I go, the dentist’s office, wherever; they’re booing me, they want to get into a fight because of something I never even said,” she explains.

[AD]“If you put your mouth in gear before the brain knows what it’s saying, then you offend people,” Dr. Phil states.

“It’s about my son-in-law. It’s not about anything else,’ she says. Khalood points out that she has also been approached by other moms who support her views.

Dr. Phil shares some message board comments from those backing Khalood:

“'I feel for the mother-in-law. She is showing concern. I feel that the daughter is not thinking down the line of life. The lazy son-in-law will still be lazy & her lifestyle will have to change. Be a man, not a mouse.'”

“'This marriage will not last. Once Fallon stops making the money, the husband will be out of there. He’s just along for the free ride.'”

“'I think Khalood is being misunderstood. I believe we are seeing her frustration from a long time of events we know nothing about.'”

[AD]“Thank you,” Khalood responds.

“Oh, I didn’t say it,” Dr. Phil quips.

“Well, thank you, whoever said it,” she says. “That’s all I’m trying to say. I don’t want a freeloader son-in-law, where my daughter has to work full-time. It’s not going to happen. That is not right.” She says Steve should get a second job instead of sitting around the house for four days a week when he’s not working as a paramedic. “A man should be a man and work. I don’t care where you get a job; just get a job.”

“So, you’re telling me that if your son-in-law came home tomorrow and was a lawyer, or a doctor or something, you would zip it?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I would — a full-time job,” she responds. She says she would still make sure Steve treats her daughter, Fallon, well.

“Is that your job, or is that her job?” he asks.

“My job if she doesn’t speak up. I’m a mom of one daughter,” Khalood responds.

“But she is an adult,” he says.

“I don’t care if she’s 40 years old. I’m still going to be her mom,” she says.

“Are you insulting her by coming in and saying you’ve got to take over and run her life?” he asks.

“No. And I hope she has three or four girls just like her, so she knows where I’m coming from,” she says.

Dr. Phil tells Khalood that he couldn’t do to his children what she’s doing to her daughter because he doesn’t have a big enough mouth.

“I’m proud of my mouth. At least I speak up. There are a lot of people who want to, but they don’t have the * to say it,” she responds.

Dr. Phil explains that he doesn’t feel the need to tell his two grown sons what to do because he’s proud of them.

[AD]“I have a son who I’m very proud of too because he’s not lazy like that. He’s got a full-time job, and he’s 24, so what’s his problem, the dumbass’s problem?” she says.

“Do you think that it works for you to refer to him in a demeaning way, calling him dumbass, loser, worthless?” Dr. Phil asks.

“If he earns my respect, I will change. I will apologize, and I will change, but I know for a fact he won’t,” she says.