A Battle Won?
“He’s pissing me off more, and what gets me mad is that Dr. Phil sees the perfect guy and made me look like I was a bad mom and obnoxious,” Khalood says about their first show appearance.

Dr. Phil reacts to the accusation: “Let me assure you, you didn’t need any help from me in looking obnoxious.”

“He’s not a saint, Dr. Phil, he’s not; he’s a weasel,” Khalood responds.

As Dr. Phil mentions Steve’s name, Khalood mutters, “You mean dumbass.”

Steve says Khalood learned nothing from being on the show. “Khalood is arrogant, ignorant, loud-mouthed, no filter, diarrhea of the mouth, thoughtless, heartless, careless, lacking compassion; she’s just ruthless,” he says.

Khalood says she won a battle Dr. Phil told her she wouldn’t: Fallon and Steve moved to Michigan from Tennessee and are now living under Khalood and her husband, Jerry’s, roof. “Dr. Phil told me I was going to push my daughter away and scare her. Guess what Dr. Phil? She’s here today. So, who’s wrong and who’s right?” she says tauntingly.

“So, you actually got them to move back in to your house?” Dr. Phil asks Khalood.

“Yes, in my house!” she exclaims with a grin.

“She had nothing to do with it,” Steve responds. He says they’re just staying with his in-laws temporarily. “We’re grateful —”

[AD]“You’d better be,” Khalood interjects.

Steve continues, “…for them opening up their doors to us to stay there until we can find another house —”

“That’s right, for free!” Khalood interrupts. Steve continues talking to Dr. Phil while Khalood speaks over him, saying, “I’m not even asking for a penny because I know you don’t have it.”

“It was a professional and personal decision,” he says.

Khalood and Steve begin bickering and Jerry speaks up: “I think I have the toughest job right now because I’m the damn referee in the middle of this in our house.”

“Oh, you’ve got the toughest job on many levels,” Dr. Phil quips. “Do you listen to everything she says?” he asks Jerry.

“That’s impossible,” he responds.

“I can’t listen as fast as you talk. I’ve only got two ears, and they are no match for your one mouth,” Dr. Phil tells Khalood. “I cannot listen as fast as you talk.”

“Oh well. That's who I am. I’m a very nice person. Just don’t cross me,” Khalood says.

Find out how their new living arrangement is working out.

Khalood confesses to filling out seven job applications in Steve’s name, behind his back. She says if he doesn’t get a job within three days, she’s going to force him to go to nursing school.

Khalood and Steve can't even stop arguing long enough to watch a video!

Steve says as a part-time paramedic, he works several 24-hour shifts each month, which amounts to at least 48 hours a week. He says he does have some free time each week because of the erratic schedule.

Dr. Phil asks if he’s going to get another job or go to school during his down time.

Steve pauses to think and Khalood chimes in, “I’m waiting for that answer.” Steve begins to talk, and Khalood speaks up again, “See, he doesn’t say it — yes or no?”

“If you’d shut your mouth long enough to listen —” Steve retorts. “Shut this,” he says while pointing to his mouth, “open these,” he says, gesturing toward his ear.

“Answer yes or no,” she insists.

“Excuse me,” Dr. Phil interrupts. He asks Khalood, “Do you think I don’t know how to conduct an interview?”

[AD]“No, I know you do,” she says.

“OK, then let me do it,” he responds.

“Just get to the point,” she tells Dr. Phil.

“You may think he’s a dumbass, but I can assure you I am not,” Dr. Phil says.

“No, I know you’re not, but he is,” she says. Khalood once again tells Dr. Phil to get to the point.

“I’ll get to the point when I get damn good and ready,” he responds.

Steve tells Dr. Phil he plans to go back to school and look for a second job.

“When?” Khalood asks.

“Actually, since I’m living at your house, my first priority will be finding somewhere else to live,” he says.

“You can’t afford it. She has to sell her house first!” Khalood responds.

Steve explains that he and Fallon could have moved in with his mother, but it would have given his wife a longer commute.

“Obviously, this is a highly toxic interaction. Why would you subject yourself to this?” Dr. Phil asks Steve.

“Because he’s a loser, and he’s a freeloader,” Khalood utters before Steve can respond.

“What comes out of her mouth, if that was the worst I’ve ever had to deal with in my job, then everybody could do my job,” he says.

Hear what Steve's mom has to say about the feud!

“Is there any formula, any outcome, any circumstance that would cause you to say, ‘You know what? It’s time for me to mind my own business and let these kids live their own lives'?” Dr. Phil asks Khalood.

She lists her requirements: “Get a job; be a man; have respect for me; call me Mom — I’m your mother-in-law — don’t’ call me Khalood or anything else.”

“Is there a clause for respect-as-deserved in there?” Steve mutters.

“Until he’s a man and does those three things, which is not much I’m asking for, then I will show him my respect, and I will apologize, but until then, I’m not doing anything,” she concludes.

Dr. Phil tells everyone, “You kind of get what you give. We teach people how to treat us, and if we engage them with dignity and respect, then we tend to get dignity and respect back. If we engage them in a combative and condescending way, then that’s kind of what we tend to get back. So, you teach people how to treat you, and you create your own experience.”

[AD]He turns to Khalood. “If you would engage him differently, I mean, you’ve got to be smart enough to know that what you’re doing isn’t working.”

She immediately turns defensive. “He’s living under my roof. I’m not asking him for anything. I clean, I cook, I do everything. For God’s sake, show me respect!”

“Is what you’re doing working?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I’m making him grow up, have some *, get a job and do everything,” she says.