Stuck in the 70's?

Cynthia, 44, has been dating Sal, 50, for about a year and says that she loves her boyfriend but is embarrassed by his looks.

"Sal is 50, but he looks 60!" she says.

"I've never had a problem with the ladies," Sal counters.

[AD]"He has no sense of style," Cynthia maintains. "He's still stuck in the 1970's!"

Sal agrees that fashion isn't his top priority, but says, as a mechanic, looking nice isn't practical. Cynthia says she hasn't even introduced her boyfriend to her three children because she's ashamed of him. She adds that she takes good care of herself to look attractive for him, and she just wants reciprocation.

Dr. Phil says it's healthy for couples to work on looking nice for one another, and being sensitive to each other's wants. He offers to give Sal a makeover. 

See the new-and-improved Sal!