Natalee Holloway: Angelina

Natalee Holloway: Angelina
Deepak Kalpoe's boss and good friend, Angelina, has never spoken to anyone about the case until now. In an exclusive interview with Jamie Skeeters, Angelina tells what Deepak revealed to her about what happened the night Natalee was last seen.

"He was working that night. Sunday night," she says. "And he never goes out on a Sunday night. Deepak was supposed to go home. His brother has to pick him up at 11:00 ... But, I think, Joran called him. "'OK,' you know, 'I'm here with girls from the States at Carlos 'N Charlies ... do you want to come too? I need a ride.' And that's how he went there.

"Deepak wanted to leave with Satish, and then Joran asked if Natalee was going to come. And then they both got into the car ... and um ... she wanted to drive. She just wanted to drive on the beach. And she was drunk." 


Angelina says Natalie's friends screamed for her to get out of the car. But Natalie resisted. "And then they just drove around. They dropped her at the Marriott ...They went home."

Jamie asks how Joran got home, according to Deepak.

"Walk. He told him he was going to walk."

"How did he get " really get home?" 

Angelina says Deepak doesn't know.

"Let's leap forward to the next day ..."

Jamie says. "Deepak and Joran arrive at the van der Sloot residence ... So what happens? What do you ""

"What I heard is they all had a big mob attacking them and 'Where's my daughter? La, la, la.' Of course, again ... because the mother's getting, you know, upset. And, um ...  And then they told the story about the Holiday Inn. That they dropped her at the Holiday Inn."

"Why would they do that?"

Angelina replies, "Deepak did it to cover him up. To cover Joran. Just to help his friend. Because they thought 'You know she'll be back in an hour or something.' You know that."


"I mean, girls get lost a lot," she says. "But Joran was the last one with her alone." And so, Angelina says, he asked Deepak to back up his story. "And then Deepak told him, like, 'OK. I'm going to do this for you, for a few days, but if this thing's going to get worse, I will have to tell the truth," she says.


"What would've been wrong with the real story, that he just dropped her off..." Jamie asks. 


"Yeah, yeah. That's a stupid mistake that he made," she replies.

Angelina continues. "Nobody knows if they raped her. There's no evidence of rape, murder, nothing. There's not even a body.


"What does Deepak think happened?" asks Jamie.

"He just doesn't know. And I so believe him. He just doesn't know," says Angelina.

Dr. Phil thanks Jamie for the work he has done on the case, and then returns his attention to what they've just heard. "What about this Angelina?" he asks Jamie.

"Angelina is an unwitting type of a witness," Jamie says. "She appears to be a very honest woman, owns a business, the employer of Deepak, and a close friend of the family's, I mean, almost like a daughter. So she's very knowledgeable. I know she knows more than what she's telling. But she did say some things as you saw in the video. I'm still in contact with her. There's going to be more information coming out.