Natalee Holloway: Deepak

Natalee Holloway: Deepak
Three young men were last seen with Natalee Holloway on the night she disappeared: Joran van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satir Kalpoe. All are suspects in her disappearance. None of have ever spoken to the media until now. One of the suspects, Deepak, met with Jamie Skeeters in the lobby of his hotel.

Jamie tells Deepak, "If you did it, don't take a poly from me or anyone else, because you won't pass it. If you did not do it, you're foolish. And the question I will ask you is if you intentionally killed her.'"

"No," Deepak says.

"If it was an accident, I can help all of you. And if you guys were partying, even if somebody had given her a date drug," says Jamie.

Jamie continues his line of questioning. "For $25 you can pay a bartender to slip your date a date rape drug in her drink. Does that happen?" Jamie asks.

"I never drugged someone." 

"I'm not saying you. But I mean have you heard of that happening?

"I haven't heard the bartender story," Deepak says. "I know there is a drug called Ecstasy. I heard they slip that into drinks."

Next Deepak gives Jamie his impressions of Natalee: "To tell you quite frankly, dressed like a slut, talked like one. Would go in a car with three strange guys and her mother claiming her to be the goody two shoes. Enough of the BS already." 

Deepak begins on another issue: "The person that saw something in the morning hours."


"That's the gardener," Jamie clarifies. "The gardener is the one that definitely saw you guys 3:00 when statements were made. This guy

remembers exactly what time it was because he couldn't sleep that night. He identified every one of you in the lineup except for one of you " I don't know which one, you or your brother." 

"My brother," says Deepak.

"But he didn't. He says because the brother was lying in the backseat and that's going to kill you," Jamie says. "Sometimes your closest friends, if they're worried, and this thing is that big, they'll burn you."

Deepak says, "I don't have any close friends anymore. They're all gone."

"Really? Because of this?" asks Jamie.

"Everything is empty," he replies. "If I knew where the body is I would tell them a long time ago. Let them start a trial and get this over with. I don't care." Dr. Phil asks Beth for her reaction to what Deepak has said.

She says, "When I hear him speak of Natalee, I want to make it perfectly clear that... Natalee is a virgin and she had never had any of these sexual experiences. When I hear Deepak stating you know
how her mother is describing her as a goody two-shoes I mean " Natalee is just a decent young lady who has just " has an impeccable record and just sets high standards. And it all makes sense when I hear Deepak and the bartenders. Yes, these bartenders. Yes, they do slip this Ecstasy into these young girls' shots. It's just unbelievable what they have been allowed to get away with." 

"I want to make an observation that I think is important here," says Dr. Phil. "The shrink in me listens to this, and I've studied this young man in news footage and seen how he conducts himself and what he does. Think what kind of unprincipled individual you would have to be to, knowing that a young woman is missing, knowing that her mother is there looking for her and then describe her in that way."

Dr. Phil continues his observation. "To say, you know, 'She's dressed like that, she's acting like that, she's doing those things.' To even say those things knowing that you're talking about someone that may have met with foul play, knowing that family members are upset and worried about it, and then to go forward with those kinds of comments tells you that you're dealing with somebody here that is without conscience, without the ability to appreciate the consequences of their actions. The authorities know what we know. They know that there is this alleged pattern of drugging these girls and then taking advantage of them before they leave the island. So
this is not some new revelation. But I want us to be very clear about this. Natalee's history, up to this point, the manner in which she had lived her life. The kind of citizen she was in school, the kind of citizen she was in her community, the kind of citizen she was with her friends and socially and family-wise is absolutely inconsistent with everything that was just said on that tape. There is not one shred of history or behavior to support the ridiculous things that were just said on that tape. "

"Absolutely not."

"So let's be real damn clear about that," Dr. Phil says emphatically.