Overweight Brides

Overweight Brides
Dr. Phil talks to a woman who wants to lose 50 pounds before her wedding.
"I have been overweight since I was 9, but I didn't view it as an issue until two years ago. I went to the doctor and they weighed me. I was 250 pounds and so the doctor actually told me that I had a pretty face but a meatball body and this forced me to take a closer look at my health," says Jacquetta. She's lost 60 pounds, but still wants to lose another 52.

She credits her husband-to-be, Regan, for initially motivating her to lose weight. "I'm like a policeman. I know she breaks her habits when I find the wrappers under the seat in the car," says Regan, who is a freestyle wrestler and an Olympic contender.

Jacquetta attributes her tendency to overeat to her stressful job, high anxiety and her culture. "In my family, we eat a lot of fried foods and fatty foods," she says.

She is frustrated that she can't lose the last 50 pounds. "When I look in the mirror, most days my thighs just seem huge and my arms seem huge and my abdomen is just growing," she says. "I don't like what I see."
"You said, "I don't have a problem with this. This is accepted in the African American culture,'" Dr. Phil points out to Jacquetta, wondering why she now wants to lose the weight. "Is it all health or is some of it appearance?"

She replies, "It's both health and appearance. I started looking around at my family: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and I knew that even though I felt good now, in 10 or 15 years that would be me with those health problems."

Dr. Phil points out that according to research, people who diet gain more weight per year than people who never diet at all. "It also shows that people who do this yo-yo dieting have a 70 percent higher incidence of cardiac events than people who don't do the yo-yo dieting. It is unhealthy and it doesn't work. Do you believe that what I'm going to do with you here will work?"

"I believe you. I'm with you."
"What we're going to do is a celebration of health and weight. I mean really, this is not going to be deprivation. You are going to have more fun working hard than you could possibly imagine. We're going to change the things that you say to yourself. You believe that food has mastery over you, don't you?"


Dr. Phil also points out that Jacquetta hates to exercise. "We're going to work you really hard but it's going to be fun, healthy, responsible exercise."

"And I'm ready," she assures him.