Pill Popping Twins: influence

Pill Popping Twins: influence

"Yvette is very manipulated by Yvonne," says Maria. "Yvonne does rely and expect Y

vette to watch her children, be there when she can't be there, and stay with her and not have a life."


"I take more responsibility for the kids in the household than anyone who lives there," Yvette says.


Maria also feels that Yvonne influences Yvette to continue doing drugs. "Yvette tried to stop using drugs and was successful for probably two weeks. She began to start seeing things more clearly, and she became more reasonable, and Yvonne didn't like that at all, so Yvonne bought some drugs and gave some to Yvette," she recalls. "Misery loves company."


Yvonne claims that Yvette is always depressed. "She doesn't have a lot of confidence in herself. I have more confidence in myself than she does. She looks up to me a lot," she says. "I feel that Yvette is worse off than I."


Yvette disagrees. "I think she is in denial," she says of her twin.


Back in his studio, Dr. Phil asks the twins about their comments captured on tape. "What do you say about that?"

"I take chemicals because I'm very depressed," Yvette says. "I take them just to be happy. For, like, a couple of hours I'm happy. I will take any chemical to be happy … I don't want to take the drugs I just want to be happy."

"Do you believe the drugs are working?" Dr. Phil asks.

"For a little while," Yvette says, on the verge of tears.

"Do you recognize what the drugs are doing to you as a person?" Dr. Phil asks Yvette, pointing out that the drugs threaten her health, destroy her happiness and caused her to lose her daughter. "Do any of those things cause you to say, ‘I've got to fight my way out of this'?"

"Yes," she says.


"When you're not on drugs, you're drinking, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Sometimes," she says.

"What are you like when you're drinking?"

"Very mean."

Dr. Phil points out that taking the methadone caused Yvette's teeth to rot and three had to be extracted. "Would you take more drugs if you could?" he asks.

"Probably so," she says.

"When you get violent, what do you do?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I throw things. I hit my sister and my mom," she admits.

"Are you verbally abusive?"


"What do you call the kids?"

"Little **. Brats. They don't listen," she says.

Dr. Phil asks Yvonne how she feels knowing that her children witness the fighting and hear themselves called names.


"It's horrible. It's terrible. That's not a way to live," she says.

"Then why do you do it?" he asks.

"I mainly take a Xanax at night so I can sleep," Yvonne says, explaining that she's on her feet up to 10 hours a day and has a 30-minute commute.

"When my mom wakes up in the morning, she will start fighting," Yvette says holding back tears. "She fights with us in front of the kids. She hits us in front of the kids." She says their mom also calls her and her sister names in front of their children. "She makes us go crazy. She makes us want to do drugs," she continues in a raised voice. "We cannot live with her anymore. She hates us. She hates us so much that if we died, she would not care."

"Yvette " " Maria interrupts.

"No, Maria. Shut up. I'm talking," Yvette yells. "That is the truth. She hates us, and we have to live with this every day of our life."

"She hates that y'all are doing drugs, Yvette," Maria says.

"I'm not going to say what she does," Yvette says.