Trying to Match Her Outside to Her Inside
Rajee tells a news agency, “It becomes so dire for you to want to match your outside with your inside that you’re willing to roll the dice and take chances. I could’ve died, and I know that now.”

Rajee tells Dr. Phil that in the transgender community, people get recommendations by word of mouth. “I was looking to feminize myself a little bit more, because with hormones, it only takes you so far, and to continue the transition, you need to do facial work and also body work,” she says. Rajee says she didn’t have the resources to see a plastic surgeon, and although she knew Morris wasn't a doctor, she thought she had some medical training. “She told me that she was using medical silicone. So, with those two things, it made me feel a bit more comfortable going to someone’s apartment to get this sort of procedure done.” Rajee says it felt like a sisterhood because Morris was transgender as well, which made her seem trustworthy.

Rajee says when she first got the facial injections, she didn’t have a reaction, so she went back for more work on her chest, hips and buttocks. She explains that Morris had a similar setup to what Shaquanda described, except the solution was in a large clear jar instead of a cooler.

Dr. Phil shows photos of Rajee’s face after she had a reaction, showing large bumps on her cheekbones. “How do you feel about Oneal Morris now, as you sit here today?” he asks her.

[AD]“I feel hurt,” she says softly. “Like I said, there was a trust factor there, and I feel like I was blindsided, that she took advantage of me.” 

Dr. Phil asks his previous guest, Shaquanda, the same question. She says, “I feel like [she’s] a monster. I feel like she betrayed me. She took my money; she could’ve taken my life. I have kids to live for, and she had no remorse. I just hope she gets the time that she deserves.”

Spencer says he hopes that these two ladies empower other alleged victims of Oneal Morris to come forward.
Oneal Morris tells a news agency, “If anybody’s the victim, it’s definitely me. I didn’t do any of these things to these people. If you come to court, you’ll see that these women are lying. I don’t know what their intentions are. How can America feel like a person could even put cement in somebody’s bottom? It breaks my heart because I’m a very sweet person, I’m a nice person, and for these people to say these things about me, it really hurts. God will prevail in my case.”

Morris declined to be on the show, but her lawyer provided a statement:

“The allegations against my client are false. My client has never injected anyone with the items that have been reported by the police. We are prepared to vigorously defend against these outlandish allegations, and I look forward to the exoneration of my client.”

Cory Eubank, police say, acted like a broker, leading at least two women to the apartment where the procedure took place. Police are charging him as an accomplice.

Corey and his attorney, Jim Lewis, join the show via satellite.

Corey says he’s known Oneal Morris for years and is also a patient. He had his buttocks enhanced with mineral oil injections. Corey says people often admire his shape, and Shaquanda asked him where he got it done, and he told her about Morris. He says Shaquanda begged him for Morris’ number, along with her mother.

Shaquanda disagrees. “Corey called me when the Duchess came to his house and told me that she was there, was I close by?” she says.

“Corey, why were you charged as an accomplice in this?” Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]His attorney, Jim, speaks up. “We’re surprised that Mr. Eubank has been charged with this. He was a customer. He didn’t receive any financial benefit as a result of this, but yet he’s facing the same serious charges that Duchess is, and we think that’s very unfair.” He says although the procedure took place in Corey’s home, he was not a part of the procedure and didn’t get any money. “As far as he ever knew, the only thing being injected was mineral oil, and we still believe that’s the case,” Jim says.“Did you believe that she was a doctor?” Dr. Phil asks Corey.

Corey calls Morris an underground doctor. “She didn’t fool anyone that she’s some type of medical doctor, or she went to any schooling to be able to inject you to make your rear end bigger. She didn’t fool you. If you went to her, you knew who you were going to,” he says.

Dr. Phil asks what “underground doctor” means.

“They’re called underground doctors simply because they’re not real doctors,” Corey says. “You know exactly what you’re going to do.” He says the underground doctors know exactly how to shape your body the way you want it done. “Most of the people who go to those doctors want their shape a certain way, knowing willingly that they’re taking the most crazy risk, because they’re not real doctors, they don’t pretend to be doctors, and you’re not fooled when you walk in there.” Corey says he also took the risk when he had work done by Morris.

[AD]Jim says they maintain that they know nothing about cement, glue or tire sealant.

“Dr. Phil, here in south Florida, particularly in the gay community, we see a lot of cosmetic procedures done by non-doctors. It’s become a very common practice,” Jim says.

Does Corey believe Morris is guilty?

Shaquanda says her issue was never with Corey; it was with Oneal Morris. And she says he can prove that what the hospital took out of her wasn’t just mineral oil.

Rajee says that her doctor reported to her that what he saw was as hard as cement.

Dr. John Martin is the plastic surgeon working on Rajee pro bono to restore her face to normalcy. He says what he saw in Rajee was a type of silicone, but it’s not medical-grade silicone.

"And you said it felt like it was going to break your scissors?" Dr. Phil asks.

"It actually was. It was like a rock inside," he says.

Shaquanda and Corey erupt into an argument.

[AD]Jim says he's hopeful that someone in the Dade County state attorney's office listens to what Shaquanda is saying and realizes that Corey was not part of this. "All he did, in one instance, is give the information where he got the procedure done, and now he finds himself charged with a 15-year felony, and they're serious about trying to put him in prison down here. There's very much an injustice being done here, and we hope the truth comes out very soon," he says.