Botched Backside
Shaquanda speaks out for the first time in an exclusive interview. She tells Dr. Phil that she wanted to enhance her backside, and met Oneal Morris through her alleged accomplice, Corey Eubank.

Shaquanda’s attorney, Spencer Aronfeld, explains, “This is something that we call in Miami ‘the Kardashian effect.’ There are a lot of women out there who believe that bigger is better when it comes to the behind.”

“Did you know that she was not a doctor?” Dr. Phil asks Shaquanda.

“No. She told me that was her profession, that’s what she does,” she says.

Dr. Phil shows a picture of Oneal Morris, who has a large backside herself. “I’m sorry, does that not just look really weird? Is it just me?” he asks. "Or did you think this was a good look?"

Shaquanda says she didn’t really notice Morris’ figure because it was covered up. She says she met Morris at Corey Eubanks’ house, where the procedure was done on a massage table. When Dr. Phil asks about the kind of equipment present, Shaquanda says there was just a cooler-type bag with a hose coming out of it and a syringe on the end of it.

[AD]“Whatever she put in you, she had in there?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Yes,” she says. Shaquanda says the procedure only took about 20 minutes.

“It’s not uncommon, especially down in south Florida, where you have such a desperate need by the population to look good," Spencer says, "and then you have these sorts of criminals who are very persuasive, very charming individuals, who can literally lure somebody into believing that they’re in the hands of a real doctor.”
“Did any alarm bells go off in your head?” Dr. Phil asks. “You’re in a house, on a massage table, with a hose coming out of a lunch bag, and they’re shooting something into your body. Is there a point at which you said, ‘You know, this can’t be good’?”

“Yeah, there was,” she says. “Actually, when she started shooting me, it started pinching and burning, so she had to stop the procedure.” Shaquanda says it was three or four days later that she started feeling ill with flu-like symptoms: fever, nausea, dizziness and weakness. Eventually, she went to three hospitals before finding one that knew how to treat her. By then, she says she had MRSA and a Staph infection and her injection sites were leaking. Shaquanda says she became septic because the infection got into her blood and doctors told her she could’ve died in another 48 hours if she hadn’t received help. After sending tests to a lab, she says the doctors informed her of what she had been injected with: tire sealant, glue, cement and mineral oil.

Spencer says his client didn’t think it was a very sophisticated procedure; she thought it was something akin to a botox injection.

[AD]“It’s a miracle that she’s even alive,” Spencer says. He says the majority of the toxins have been scraped out of Shaquanda. “She’s lost a lot of tissue, skin and muscle.”

Shaquanda spent more than a month in the hospital and says she's had a very painful year trying to recover.