Unleashing the Family Watchdog

Before the show, members of the Dr. Phil studio audience were asked to put their names and addresses on a form. Dr. Phil chooses a few names at random to participate in his demonstration. First, he calls a woman by the name of Lydia.

"Why don't you come up, Lydia, and let us just show you how this works," says Dr. Phil. "This is familywatchdog.us."

Rob types Lydia's address into the Web site, and a map appears on the screen. "There's your house right dead center," Rob says. On the map, her house is surrounded by dots indicating where predators live in her neighborhood. "And they're all color coded for different offenses."

Dr. Phil suggests that they choose one of the closest ones, one in red, a child sex offender who lives half a mile away from Lydia's house. When Rob clicks, a profile including a picture appears.

"And it gives the name," says Dr. Phil. "The source of information is the California State Sex Offender Registry. And he has been convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age."

Lydia has three children, ages 17, 15 and 14.

Rob finds another offender who's even closer to her house.

"This guy's just a third of a mile away living in an apartment," says Dr. Phil. "Don't you think you want to know that?"

Next, audience member Rochelle joins Dr. Phil and Rob at the computer. She tells Dr. Phil that she has two children, ages 18 and 14.

"Would it surprise you to know there are people around you who are this way?" he asks.

"Yeah, it would," she says.

Rob enters Rochelle's address, and the map that comes up is littered with dots. "There's your house, right there," says Dr. Phil. "And look at the intensity. Every dot up there is a registered offender against children. And these are just the registered ones! We have six within a mile of your house." Rob clicks on a dot, and another profile comes up. "Here's this prince of a guy. Lewd and lascivious acts with children under 14 years of age, less than a third of a mile of your house."

"Right by the elementary school," Rochelle adds.

Rob indicates one offender within two streets of the elementary school.

Dr. Phil says, "The point is we want you to go to this. It gives you the name, it gives you the address, it gives you contact information with the authorities."


To find registered sex offenders in your area, visit familywatchdog.us.