Prescription for Disaster: Jerry Brown

Legal Involvement

California Attorney General Jerry Brown says that Corey Haim may have fraudulently obtained a prescription for Vicodin, and an individual connected with that operation has been arrested.

Attorney General Brown explains his investigation into illegal prescription drugs, and Kelly shares the ways many users get their drugs.


Kelly adds that she knew 20 people in Los Angeles who visited the same doctor and would get 100 pills at a time and sell them.

Dr. Phil points out that currently, the state medical board is prosecuting about 200 doctors for abuse.

[AD]"The trouble with this is that doctors have to prescribe medicine, and it's very appropriate. But the abuse of it, to draw that line, is very time consuming," Attorney General Brown says. "These are hard cases to prove. The judge doesn't give them a lot of time in jail. So the real answer is parents really be on the alert. Doctors have to be very vigilant here. We're going to have to do a lot of self-help here, because the criminal justice system, while it's there for egregious cases, is not going to be the major force in protecting Americans from this danger." He adds that parents should be aware of what they're putting in their medicine cabinets, because that offers easy access for kids to get their hands on pills. "It is a danger, it's spreading, and it does kill."