Psychic Dramas: Sleuthing

Recently, James visited the Paramount Studios lot with The Insider and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Victoria Recaño.

"There's a lot of spirit activity around this lot, all the time, especially at night," James says. He points to an innocuous-looking building. "Lucille Ball was here. That was her office."


"Did this used to be the office of Lucille Ball?" Victoria asks a man sitting at a desk.


"It was her dressing room space," he replies.


"Do you ever feel anything here odd or out of the ordinary?" Victoria probes.


"Doors have a tendency to open and close," the man responds.


Upon leaving the building, James reflects on his experiences. "When I was there, I picked up Lucille Ball, and she showed me another office. It was Desi's office. I was seeing a fight with them " Desi and Lucy," he says. "I also will tell you there were affairs that happened here."


At 10:00 p.m., James does some ghost busting at nearby Hollywood Forever Cemetery. "You would expect there to be some spirit activity here, but I still feel there are others pulling me over here somewhere," he says. 

James points out that the klieg lights are flickering mysteriously. "I guess the gaffers don't know what's causing it. It feels very haunted here," he says.

"So you felt a lot of activity around there?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"It was really weird, even for me," James admits.

"You said that you felt the presence of a ghost here on Stage 29 named Maynard?"

"It sounded like Maynard was the last name " Raymond or Ray Maynard," James says. "I don't know what that means."

"How do people recognize when there is a spirit around us? You talk about that in Ghosts Among Us."

"Sometimes you'll feel a coldness. Sometimes you'll feel stomach problems or digestive problems, because many times, a ghost is pulling energy from you. Or sometimes electrical things will happen. Lights will flicker," the psychic explains. "At my house, the Jacuzzi went weird. Strange things like that. Also depression, many times, fatigue, many times, sleeplessness happens."

"You said sometimes there's a scent, like, a perfume-type smell around as well," Dr. Phil notes.

"Correct. So if someone smoked cigarettes, for instance, like a father, they might come back, and you'll smell the scent of cigarettes, or a mother wearing this beautiful perfume. You might smell the exact perfume," James replies. "Each spirit comes through depending on how they want to come through. Some are more auditory. Some will show you things, some will make you hear things, depending on how they want to communicate."