Digging Up the Truth
“Yesterday, we began to unravel the tragic death of Rebecca Zahou,” Dr. Phil says. “[Rebecca’s family] does not believe that she committed suicide — and they have many unanswered questions. Today is the day that we reveal the results of the all-new autopsy that they requested.”

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Rebecca’s sister, Mary, says that deciding to exhume Rebecca's remains was a difficult decision. “I feel like my sister hasn’t rested yet. I don’t feel like I have an answer for her as far as what happened. But when we did exhume her, it felt like day one again; it felt like it started all over.”

Attorney Anne Bremner and private investigator Paul Ciolino rejoin the show. Anne says that exhuming the body to perform a second autopsy was the right choice, and the only way to move forward and find the answers that they are searching for.

Now empty and for sale, Paul says it's not likely he'll find any new evidence at the San Diego mansion.

“There’s no preservation of the scene at all,” Dr. Phil comments.

“It’s shot,” Paul agrees, noting that the death scene has been compromised by prospective buyers and people walking the grounds and taking pictures.

Paul also says that he spoke to a witness who claims to have seen a woman near the property on the night Rebecca died, and described that woman's behavior as "bizarre."

In addition to the witness' claim, Rebecca's family says there are a number of inconsistencies and unanswered questions that remain, including the degree of drop off the balcony, the extent of Rebecca’s injuries, the movement of the bed in a reenactment and two neighbors — independent of each other — who say they heard screams for help the night Rebecca died.

“It’s just astonishing. It’s a case that just cries out for answers,” Anne says, adding that “mixed DNA” was found under Rebecca's fingernails. “There’s a lot of work left to be done. There will be answers — I believe it.”

Mary explains that there was a great deal of evidence that was overlooked until her family brought it to the police's attention.

[AD]“Maybe I have a different experience,” Dr. Phil says. “I have a tremendous respect for law enforcement. I think these men and women put themselves in harm’s way every day to maintain order in a complex society. Doesn’t it seem like, in a high-profile case, that they would want to cross the Ts and dot the Is?”

Anne says that while she is also a supporter of law enforcement, sometimes, they make mistakes. “And in this case, they made a huge mistake. They concluded suicide the first day," she says.

Dr. Phil says that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to reexamine the case if new evidence is presented. “And I felt that it was sincere,” he says of that promise.