Relationship Rescue Retreat: Rene and Gelsy

Relationship Rescue Retreat: Rene and Gelsy
Dr. Phil's intense workshop with six couples on the verge of divorce.
Rene and Gelsy have been married three years and have four children, including one from a previous marriage. They fight every day, in front of whomever happens to be around — the children, the neighbors, the family. It's even gotten to the point where their 2-year-old says the F-word.

"My wife is very materialistic," says Rene, who thinks money is their biggest issue. He acknowledges that the fighting gets out of hand. "I use the F-word a lot ... We threaten divorce every time we get into a real big argument ... There are times that I feel like grabbing her by the neck and just strangling her," he says.

"My biggest beef with my husband is that [he's] never home and I am raising these four children alone," says Gelsy, who fears they'll get a divorce and then their children will be raised without a father. "My blood starts boiling when we fight. I want to grab him and smash him against the wall."

Dr. Phil tells Rene he's 100 percent responsible for his marriage. "You've got some behavior you're not really proud of, correct? Can she change that?" he asks.

"To a certain extent, yes," replies Rene.

"That is so wrong," Dr. Phil tells him. "What you're saying is she can quit provoking you, right? She can quit spending money, she can quit doing all of the things you don't like her doing. She can change all of the antagonism of you, right?"

"Yes, sir," says Rene.

"So that's your victim story? 'I am a combative, critical, yelling husband because she drives me to it.'"

"Somewhat," agrees Rene.