Reunited: 1-800-MyFamily
Dr. Phil speaks with guests who are separated from someone they love.

Special thanks to Troy Dunn from 1-800-MyFamily for helping to reunite the guests on the show, "Reunited."

Over the past 15 years, Troy and his staff have used their four billion records of family history data to help reunited tens of thousands of families in over 32 countries. "I have come to truly believe that you can't find peace until you find all the pieces," says Troy. "I have a deep appreciation for the power of family and wish for all families to come back together while they still have a chance."


Troy offers these tips for finding an old friend or family member:

Start Simple:


Use an Internet search engine
The Internet is an increasingly popular way to not just find out about people, but find them too.


Call the last point of contact
Try the old school, last employer, former church, whatever was your shared point of contact.

 Other Tips:


For finding women, the males are the breadcrumbs
The most common question I get from people seeking an old female friend is, "What if she changed her name?" The odds are she may very well have, but the men in her life have not. Fathers, brothers, sons, all have the same names they had when you first met them, no matter how many years it has been. Search for one of them and the odds are extremely high that they will be a fast find and that they will know exactly where your female friend is right now.


The deceased tell all
This has been one of my most effective techniques for finding the "hard-to-find." Our society is quite transient with people moving and changing names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses more frequently than ever. However, there is segment of our society that stays in one place " the deceased. Locating the obituary of an older member of your friend's family will give you names and towns of the surviving family, from which you can select the male names, give them a call and bring your search to an end. is an excellent resource for obituaries.

Empower the masses

You can engage the power of millions by simply posting a message on one of the free online message boards. My favorite and one of the largest, is at and is totally free. Posting the name of who you are trying to find and where you last knew them to be will usually get you some very good and very fast leads to follow up on.


Safe posting tip: Never post your full name, limit contact information to your e-mail address only and do not post everything you know about the person you are seeking because you want anyone responding to be able to verify information that only the correct person would know.

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