Jilted Bride?
"What happened in my life, it destroyed me. I am a really nice girl who wanted to get married and live happily ever after and have a big party," Marilyn says, her voice quavering. "This ‘jilted bride' thing was not in my dream when I was a little girl."
"This was seven years ago?" Dr. Phil asks.
Marilyn confirms. "This was about becoming a family. This wasn't about a wedding," she says.
"Where is this groom now?"
"I don't know," Marilyn says.
Marilyn's ex-fiancé gave the Dr. Phil show the following statement: "The total cost of the wedding was about $22,000, nowhere near $150,000 like Marilyn says. We hardly made deposits, and I was going to pay for the entire wedding," Dr. Phil reads.
Hear the rest of the statement, and see Marilyn's reaction!
[AD]"You truly have to decide that you're going to take care of yourself," Dr. Phil tells Marilyn. "You say that you've gained weight, that you're staying at home, that you're not pursuing your goals and dreams. That's not OK."
Dr. Phil says he wants to help Marilyn put herself at the top of the priority list. To promote a return to health, she'll receive a copy of the 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno, and he'll arrange for Dr. Mike talk to her about her weight loss goals. He will also provide a trainer for her. "I want you to take care of yourself," he says. "We're going to get you back to where you need to be."
Marilyn expresses gratitude for Dr. Phil's intervention.