Shocking Love Stories: Lisa, Adrian contd.

One Obstacle in the Way of Being a Family
“We are still battling to get our son, Skye, back. I actually gave birth while I was in jail. Having to give him up when he was 2 days old, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Devastating. I gave up custody to a woman I worked for, and she still has him,” Lisa says.

“I think she’s crazy,” Adrian says, about the woman who has their son. “Only a sick person would do what she’s doing. I don’t even have words to describe it. It’s just a horrible feeling.”

“Her lawyer has basically said that we are a clear and present danger to our son,” Lisa says. “The court seized all visitation. We have not seen our son since February 2011.”

Lisa explains how she wound up behind bars and their struggle to get back their son.

Dr. Phil asks about Lisa’s two-year jail sentence. “Did you deserve that?”

“I guess I did. I mean, I broke the law,” she admits.

[AD]“Have you disrupted his life?”

“Not intentionally,” she says.

“Well, you didn’t accidentally have sex with him and have a couple children,” Dr. Phil points out.

Lisa agrees. “As the adult in the situation, looking back, I definitely should’ve been more aggressive in [saying] no,” she says. “I was very immature.” Lisa says this is her third marriage, and they’re doing well. “He makes me laugh more than anybody I’ve ever been around.”“Has this been what you wanted for your life?” Dr. Phil asks the 21-year-old. <br><br>Adrian says while Lisa was serving time, he was often in trouble, in and out of rehabs and boot camps. “I think she’s been really good for me,” he says.<br><br>“Is this kind of a parent-child relationship?” Dr. Phil asks. &nbsp;<br><br>Adrian says no, and explains that if anything, he’s more mature, trying to stick to a budget and stay on top of bills.<br><br>Lisa works 60 hours a week, while Adrian is a stay-at-home dad who goes to night school to earn his high school diploma. Adrian will graduate from high school in May and plans to get a job then.<br><br>“Do you think this is going to last?” Dr. Phil asks, about their marriage. <br><br>“We’ve been together seven years,” Lisa says. “One of my other marriages lasted seven years and one lasted 11, so …”<br><br>“Do you worry he’s going to find somebody younger and go off?”<br><br>“No. I mean, if he does, he does,” she says. <br><br>Dr. Phil addresses their custody battle for their firstborn son. “You are the biological parents of this child, so it would seem to me that despite not being steeped in logic in all your decisions, you would be in line to recover custody of this child,” he says. <br><br>“You would think,” Lisa adds. <br><br>“And you have a lawyer, and you are pursuing this?” he asks.<br><br>[AD]“Yes.” <br><br><a href="#" onclick="overlayVideo(1056); return(false);"><img class="icon" src="" border="0">What would Lisa say to other women who are getting involved with minors?</a> <br><br>Dr. Phil wishes the couple good luck in their custody dispute. “I don’t know how that could fail,” he says.<br><br>
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