Money Troubles
"When I first met Rick, his business was great," says Denise. "At one point, he was making more than $100,000, and now, we are struggling to pay everything."

"I am currently behind four months on my mortgage. There was a point when the electric bill wasn’t paid for 11 months. We had to give back our TV and computer from a rent-to-own place, and I’ve had a motorcycle repossessed. I’ve had my truck repossessed several times," says Rick, who is a a self-employed building contractor. "I take the responsibility of controlling a lot of things. It’s up to me to bring the money in."

"I don’t know anything about the finances," Denise shares. "Whenever I want to go get a coffee from McDonald’s, instead of giving me $2, he’ll give me $1.37, down to the exact change."

[AD]Sandy adds, "He will call in promise payments knowing that there is no money in an account, and by the time the payment goes through, he’s gone with the goods."

Rick is now facing a legal battle. "I’ve been indicted by the grand jury on two accounts: One is receiving money under false pretenses, and the other one is receiving money by way of worthless check," he says.

"I do worry that he’s going to wind up in jail, and my kids and I, we are going to be homeless," Denise says.
Dr. Phil asks Denise, “Why are you, just a few months ago, finding out what’s going on in the finances in your family?”

“He doesn’t tell me anything,” she replies.

“You can’t just be a passenger here. You have to take some responsibility,” Dr. Phil tells her.

“I do ask him, and he’s always got it taken care of,” she says, noting that she had no idea they were broke until people started coming to the house and calling them for money.

“Why did you not keep her abreast of these things?” Dr. Phil asks Rick.

“A lot of it was to protect her. Why should I put the burden on her?” he says, explaining that it was his job to make the money and her job to stay at home with the kids.

“Were you embarrassed that it was going badly?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Since I took on her and her son, it’s been a constant struggle,” Rick says.

Rick is under indictment and faces one to 10 years in jail. He reveals that he has previously been behind bars 14 times, mostly due to child support matters.

Rick and Denise agree that their combined five children are being negatively impacted by their constant fighting, and Rick acknowledges that he needs to change many things about himself.

[AD]Sandy says she doesn’t want Rick and Denise to get a divorce. She just wants Denise to be happy. “I want to be ensured that with Rick’s volatile anger, that she’s not going to be on the receiving end,” she says.

Both Rick and Denise say they are in love with each other and want to end the fighting and fix their relationship.