Teacher Sex Scandal, Pt. 2: Matt

"Almost six years ago I was involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with my teacher," says Joelle's former student, Matt, who has traveled to Los Angeles. "She stands behind her word, saying that none of the incidents ever occurred, all of this I've made up. I took a polygraph when the incident first happened. I passed it 100 percent, and I came back out here to take another one for the show."

Here's a look at an excerpt from the examination, administered by polygraph examiner Jack Tremarko:

Jack: Regarding if Joelle ever touched your penis, do you intend to be completely truthful with me about that?
Jack: Did you ever experience touching for sexual purposes with Joelle Ogletree?
Matt: Yes.
Jack: Did Joelle ever touch your penis with her hand?
Matt: Yes.

Dr. Phil sits with Joelle and a vacant chair. Turning to Joelle, he says, "I want to bring Matt out. You said, 'Who is this chair for?' I want to bring Matt out and let you face him. Is that OK with you?"

Joelle contemplates the question and says, "I'm not going to say it's not OK. I have no desire to sit next to him like this, no. But it's not going to freak me out."

"What's your problem with it?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Why would I want to be sitting across from someone who has done this to me?" she asks. "My goal isn't to get into a screaming match."

"That's not going to happen on my show," Dr. Phil assures her.

Joelle reluctantly agrees to let Matt join them. Her former student appears and walks out to the stage. When he's seated, Dr. Phil says, "You two know each other. The question is how well. She says that you are not telling the truth, that you two did not have inappropriate sexual interaction. Did you or did you not?"

"Oh, we did," says Matt.

Dr. Phil asks, "When did it happen and what happened?"

"It happened in the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in high school. Late July," Matt replies.


"How did it come about and what took place?" asks Dr. Phil.

"She actually called my house, talked to my mother on the phone, asked if I could come out and help move some furniture at her house," says Matt. "I was under the impression that ****, ***, several of the boys in the class were going to be there. Upon arriving there, no one was there, just Joelle. She came out of the garage door wearing short bicycle shorts and a white tank top."

"Are you suggesting she was provocatively dressed?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Oh, yeah," says Matt. "I was 16 at the time. I'd slept with one girl before that. I wasn't a ladies' man."

Joelle wishes aloud for a notepad. "I'm not going to be able to remember all of the lies that he's sitting here saying," she says.  

Dr. Phil has one brought to her. He then continues, "OK, so she came out wearing provocative clothing, and you were there to do what? Move furniture?"

"I believe it was a piano that her husband, Doug, was bringing in from
Oklahoma," says Matt. Dr. Phil asks what happened next. "Well, there was no furniture to be moved," Matt recounts. "It was just she and I. I believe her daughter was in the bedroom asleep. And, well, she put in a movie, Spaceballs, I remember. There was a flirty atmosphere. I know that. She then went over to her little bar, there in her kitchen, little countertop, wrote on a piece of paper and ripped it in half. Came over to me with her hands behind her back, asked me to pick a hand, which I did, and it said, 'Truth.' I was assuming the other one was, 'Dare.'"

Matt continues, "She then asked me what I would think if a teacher kissed a student and, you know, that's awkward, sitting there with your French teacher, in her house, wearing what she was wearing, with her husband gone. And being much younger than I am now, I was maybe curious, and definitely confused, and she sat down next to me and we kissed."

"Where did you kiss," asks Dr. Phil, "on the couch, chairs?"

"On the couch," the young man says. "And deep. You know, making out. Tongue. Passionate, or whatever you want to call it. It was, you know, a French kiss " pardon the pun."

"What happened then?" asks Dr. Phil.

"We both leaned back," he says. "I was a little " not confused " worried what might happen next, what might happen when school was going to start. I left rather abruptly, and I didn't see her again until French 2, the next year of school, when I was a sophomore."

"All right, let's move to the incident with the French camp at her house," says Dr. Phil turning to Joelle. "You say you took him home to get medication for a migraine?"

"Yes," she says.

"What happened in the car on the way home?" Dr. Phil asks Matt.

"Well, I take injections," he explains. "It makes you feel a little under the weather for a few minutes. On the way back, we turned off the highway to go down her county road, we passed her driveway, went down to the next intersection, pulled over. She left the car running, turned the headlights off, and put her hands in my pants. I let her, and, you know, got a **** ***."

Dr. Phil asks, "And what happened then?"

"It just came to a stop there within minutes, 10 minutes," says Matt. "I'm not saying it didn't feel good, and I know it wasn't right. Then after being over we went back to her house with the rest of the boys, her husband, and stayed the night there."

"Is that the only other encounter you had?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Yes," says the former student. "Those two."

Turning to Joelle, Dr. Phil asks, "What do you say about the two things? You've been taking notes."

"He said it was a long kiss, then he said that it was just a short kiss, a few seconds," she says. "If it happened, and you're telling about kissing someone, you know what kind of kiss it was, if it was a short little few-second kiss or if it was a long, passionate kiss. When he testified under oath in Austin, he said that it was a very short kiss, just a few seconds."

"Are you inconsistent in that?" Dr. Phil asks Matt.

"Well, it's six years," he replies. "I remember the kiss. It happened."

Joelle reiterates her point. "If it happened, you know how it happened. You can remember things 30 years later."

"OK. Did it happen?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Of course it happened," says Matt.

Joelle goes on to her next point. "The headlights on my car. He's so specific. To me that's nothing to do with the allegation, but he said it at my criminal trial that I left my car on and turned the headlights off. My car wouldn't do that at the time. The headlights on the car that I had at the time came on automatically."

"You're talking about headlights and he's saying that you masturbated him in your car," says Dr. Phil. "That's just odd to me. I'm sorry, that's just odd to me."


"OK, about the masturbation, that's my next little thing I circled," says Joelle. "Again that one, he's varied the times. It was 10 minutes. He said it felt good. He has also said that we kissed during that time; he has said we didn't kiss during that time. He has said I didn't say anything to him during that time; he has said that we talked about teacher-student relationships during that time."

Dr. Phil doesn't know what to believe. "I'm always bothered by inconsistencies," he says, "And that bothers me. I know it's been a while but I was 16 once, and that's been a lot longer than five or six years, and I can remember a lot of things." Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, flashes a broad smile from the audience.

Dr. Phil explains that he's still bothered by Joelle's demeanor. "Did he come to your house to move a piano?"

"Yes," she tells him.

"Who was there?" asks Dr. Phil.

"My husband, my cousin, and another student testified that he remembers Matt saying that he was there and moved a piano," she reports.

Turning to Doug, Dr. Phil asks, "Were you there the day this man came over to move a piano?"

"Yes, sir," he says. "Very much so."

"Did you go twice?" Dr. Phil asks Matt.

"Yeah, oh yeah," he answers. "The incident with myself was just me and her."

"Did you go back a second time to move another piano?" Dr. Phil asks.

"There was no piano the first time," Matt explains. "There was no furniture moved, nothing, when the incident happened with me and her on the couch."

"But there was a piano that you moved?" Joelle asks Matt.

"Not that time, no ma'am," he tells her.

"But did you ever move a piano?" she asks.

"Yes, we helped you " "

"He has denied moving the piano up until this very moment," Joelle proclaims. "He only came over one time that whole summer, one time and only one time, until today on this stage."

"Did you go back a second time and move a piano?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I remember being out there for the incident with the kiss," says Matt.

His answer draws a groan from the audience, prompting Dr. Phil to say, "Hold on. I'm trying to ask the questions here. I'm trying to sort this out, unravel this ball of yarn here."

Dr. Phil addresses Matt. "Was it a piano that you were told was there? And this is when she came out in biker shorts and a " "

"If I remember correctly, he was bringing the piano in from Oklahoma," the young man replies. 

"OK, but he wasn't there yet when you got there," says Dr. Phil.

"Correct," says Matt, though he can't remember how long had passed when he later went back to move the piano.

"Was it a month, was it a week? Was it six months?" asks Dr. Phil.

"No, no," says Matt. "It was within " Well it was after the school year had started."

"So he was gone from July 'til September to get that piano?" Dr. Phil asks. "I'm just trying to figure it out. I'm not saying you're not telling the truth. I'm trying to figure out what it is. Did he come over when nobody was there?" he asks Joelle.

"No," she says. "My husband said to try to call several people," she explains. "We would take them out to dinner as a treat, which we did. I called several people, not just Matt."

Doug says, "I asked Joelle to call some boys and she called several of them. Matt chose to come, said he had to get off work at 5:00 give or take; he'd be out there after that. Joelle also called her cousin who lived next door, and then Matt showed up, Joelle's cousin showed up, and we lugged a piano out of the back of my pick-up truck."