Teacher Sex Scandal, Pt. 2: Notes

Dr. Phil pulls up an image depicting one note Joelle allegedly passed to Matt during class. He also holds a print-out of the note in Joelle's actual writing. The note reads "IWTGYHSB," and was sent to Matt.

"OK. What does that code mean?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I want to give you **** so bad," says Matt.

Turning to Joelle, Dr. Phil says, "OK, what do you say that means?"

"I wish to God you had some brains," she says, "after he'd called me scatter-brained."

The next graphic up for review says, "SIWYWJFM."

Matt says, "Sometimes I wish you would just **** me."

Joelle offers her interpretation. "Sometimes, I wish you were just funnier, Matt."

"Sometimes, I wish you were just funnier, Matt," Dr. Phil echoes.

"Yes," says Joelle. "I know. You want me to say that that was a very foolish thing to do? I'll say it. I know."

"OK. But I don't get this," says Dr. Phil. "What is this about?"

"You want me to tell you?" she asks. "This was the third year that I'd had these students. He and another student were walking into class talking about a coded note or a letter that somebody had written in another class that they were coming from."

Joelle continues, "This was the beginning of class as they were still coming in. And I told him, 'Yeah, we used to do stuff like that when we were in high school, and you would write down, like that, the first letter out of the words." 

"Is that flirtatious?" Dr. Phil interjects.

"No," she says.

"Why do you think it's dumb then?" he asks. "You said 'You want me to say it's foolish? I will.' If that's not flirtatious, why is it foolish?"

"It's foolish because somebody obviously can take those letters and make a whole lot of different things out of them," she says. "If I had thought that, I obviously would have never written these letters down on a piece of paper and said, 'Here. Go make whatever you want out of this.'"

Dr. Phil pulls up a third note for review, and asks his guests what it means.


"I am so sorry," says Matt.

Turning to Joelle, Dr. Phil asks, "What does this mean?"

"I am so sorry," she says.

"What were you sorry about?" asks Dr. Phil.

"It was given the same day as the second note, and possibly I thought the second note had upset him or made him mad, and also I had said, 'Matt, you don't have the power to ruin my day,' after he said, 'Well, I ruined her day.' And when I said that, the whole class sort of went, 'Ooooo.' And so, for those two reasons I just jotted that down."

"I asked you yesterday if you had avoided the appearance of impropriety," Dr. Phil says to Joelle. "And you said, ‘Absolutely.' I've got to say, that seems to me to " I hope it doesn't mean what you say it means." Turning to Matt, he says, "How did you know what it meant?"

"I asked her," he replies. "I didn't know what the hell it meant. It was just the first letters of some sentence." He says that her response was exactly as he read it.

"And what'd you think when she said that?" asks Dr. Phil.

Matt says, "Well, I guess I was 16, 17, when my teacher says that to me, quietly in front of the class at her desk. I was a little taken aback I guess I would say."

"He's making it up as he goes along," Joelle tells Dr. Phil. "That's the first time he's ever said that. The other time I told him in the hallway with everybody around. He knew [the notes] meant nothing inappropriate at all."

Dr. Phil asks Matt, "Is it possible that you guys fantasized about her and kind of trash-talked about her in the locker room, or the bus docks, or the parking lot or whatever, and this thing just got legs across time and just kind of became kind of urban legend that everybody bought into and can't back away from now?"

"No," he says, "I was going to take this to the grave had it not been brought up by the school's counselors when I was confronted about it. I would have never said anything about this, ever, to anyone. It's a little embarrassing to talk about this stuff."

"So why after " it's been five years " why did you come forward?" asks Dr. Phil. "We're very persuasive, I know."

"Well, I have nieces and nephews who are going to be going to Glen Rose," says Matt. "She wants her job back there, and I don't want that to happen. I don't want that to happen. I don't want her to be a teacher there. And I'd like to defend my own name for once. I've stood back and just tried to let it blow over, and she doesn't want to let it go away. She has her license back. From my understanding, she can teach anywhere in the state of Texas."

"But not where he doesn't want me to," says Joelle.